Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It's all about MeMeMeMe!

Oh, thank god. THANK GOD! I've been tagged. How fabulous is that? And not once, not twice, but three times; by Bush Mummy, A Modern Mother, and Nappy Valley Girl, which means it would be downright rude of me not to participate, don't you think?

(Have you caught on yet to the fact that I am clean out of posting ideas? I blame the unusual purity of the vodka mentioned in my previous post; thankyou, Mr Tyrell, your potatoes have never been put to better use...).

Before I start though, here's a conversation I had with my younger son today:

Boy #2: "And THEN, the helo-lo-lock flew in and SAVED EVERYBODY!!!!"

Me: "Wow! That's amazing! And can you say it the same way I do, Boy #2? Can you say 'helicopter'?"

Boy #2: "No. I can't say 'helicopter'. But you can."

Back to the tag...

1. What are your current obsessions? Whether Mother Russia finally has us in her grasp, and putting words on a page that are even mildly amusing. The two are not related - yet.

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? It's a dead heat right now between Banana Republic jeans, and a long chunky linen-knit cardigan from Jigsaw that hides the extremely upsetting roll of flab that has appeared around my middle since Easter.

3. What's for dinner? I ate with the boys, so grilled salmon (with thai dipping sauce for me, not the kids), couscous, and green beans.

4. Last thing you bought? The bi-weekly shop from Sainsbury. Rock and roll, baby.

5. What are you listening to? Right now, the sweet sound of silence...

6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be? Tricky one. I would like to say the Goddess of flat stomachs but that would be a lie, so I guess it would have to be the Goddess of Optimistic Self Delusion.

7. Favourite holiday spots? Fowey, in Cornwall. The South of France. Mauritius. Only one of those are on my holiday horizon in the near future, and sadly it ain't the last one...

8. Reading right now? Barack Obama 'Dreams of My Father'. Mr Brave. Mr Perfect. Mr Mischevous. Little Miss Trouble. Other people's blogs...

9. Four words to describe yourself; Trying to get organised.

10. Guilty pleasure? A facial. Followed by a bar of (you guessed it) Green & Black's Butterscotch Chocolate.

11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak? My sister. And Michael McIntyre.

12. Favourite spring thing to do? Walking through South Kensington, looking at all the blossoms on Launceston Place, and daydreaming about winning the lottery so that one of those houses can be mine, Mine, MINE!

13. Planning to travel to next? South of France. Or Russia. It's anyone's guess, frankly.

14. Best thing you ate or drank lately? Organic rhubarb stewed with orange juice and a little sugar, served with 1/2 fat creme fraiche and a drizzle of honey. I could eat it forever. As my parents were staying with me at the time however, and thought the same thing, fat chance - it all went in a trice.

15. When did you last get tipsy? Last weekend. See previous post...

16. Favourite ever film? Life is Beautiful. (I can't watch it again, though. It's too sad. There are not enough tissues in the world...)

17. Care to share some wisdom? Life is short; eat pudding first.

18. Least favourite thing about driving in London (or wherever you live)? 4 x BLOODY 4'S

Rules of the meme. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag 8 people.

So, I tag:

Millenium Housewife
Boondock Ramblings
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Sticky Fingers
Footballer's Knees
and a late addition, Titian Red



  1. Darn, I was just about to tag you!

  2. Jolly good stuff. And I love humour and recipe combos. Works for me.

  3. You really tagged me?! I'm so excited to be tagged by you! Yeah! So cool.....So. Wait. Now I have to actually do this? Hmmmmm....it shall be interesting. I shall begin now and post soon and tag away. What fun! :-) No one has tagged me lately. I think because I stink at actually doing them. I'm going to get better at that from now on.

  4. EPM, ha ha! Your plan was foiled!!

    OM, well I hope that if you have any rhubarb to hand then that is what you have for pud tonight. And obviously it has NO CALORIES at ALL! (Well, maybe just a few...)

    Lisa, I sure did. Am interested to see what comes up!

  5. God this one is doing the rounds, have just come from doing it myself and via Expat mum who, yes, guess what, has just done it. Rhubarb sounds delish. As does the salmon. Hmmm, feeling peckish. Fear a frenzy in the chocolate cupboard coming on.

  6. Again a lovely post. I do enjoy your writing. Many weeks ago you tagged me (at my request - the shame)and I was such an incompetent newbie I never managed to work out what to do. Please accept my apologies.

  7. Milla, you had to do it, didn't you? Mention the chocolate. Dammit. Have just been forced to raid the boys' easter egg stash before replying to your comment...

    TR, consider yourself taggged on this one too then, and think of it as practice! Will be looking out for your response... (but only if you want to, of course!)

  8. Your boys eat salmon, couscous and green beans?

    PM, thou art surely the goddess of perfect mummydom.

    so do you think you might be joining me in the expat blogger world?

  9. NVG, they still complain about it - but then they complain about practically EVERYTHING they eat, so I take no notice. Not so perfect after all... And as for expat world, well it's becoming increasingly likely. Watch this space.


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