Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Things I learned at BritMums 2013...

The BritMums Live! team did an amazing job.

After 6 years, I still have a lot to learn about blogging.

Standing up to read one of your posts aloud in front of 400 people is just about as intimidating as it gets.

I am a rhubarb, according to the stylists from TKMaxx.  Not an apple, pear, or strawberry (yes, you really can be strawberry-shaped - who knew?), but a rhubarb.  So THAT's where I've been going wrong stylistically all these years...

A lot of bloggers have book ideas.  A lot.

Meeting online friends face to face is rarely a disappointment.

Travelling without the kids is... pretty much bliss, actually.

But sitting on the tarmac for 4 hours at Moscow's Domodedovo airport whilst the hydraulic system on the plane is being fixed still stinks.

Arrive at Heathrow T5 after midnight and you will experience the spooky situation where they actually start to turn the lights off in the baggage hall.

Driving through the centre of London after 1am in the morning, looking at all the revellers out there, is a pretty good reminder of how darn old you are.

But glancing out of the hotel window at 6am on a Saturday morning (damn that jet lag) to see clubbers making their way home through the drizzle makes you realise that being ancient really isn't that bad.


  1. I think you might have learnt some of the best lessons there lol

  2. We're not old Potty - we're re-cycled teenagers! And wise with it.

  3. All sounds good. Well, not the airport delay bit, but the rest of it.

  4. Rhubarb sounds good - tall and thin, surely?

    It sounds like a lot of fun. Again.

  5. A LOT of bloggers have book ideas....

    I am very much looking forward to yours!

  6. We're a lot like vintage wine only better as we get older!

  7. So I read that as 'meeting your online friends in real life is really a disappointment' face fell...and then I re-read it.

    Loved seeing you and catching up.

  8. and ps - Tattie's SO RIGHT.

  9. Pippa - there were others too but thought I would spare you all the ones about not drinking too much tea and the resulting effects...

    EPM - which is the best way to be, surely?

    Iota, it (mostly) was.

    NVG, more like straight up and down!

    Melissa, hmmmm. (You'll be one of the first to know, I promise!)

    TW, no question!

    KM, you too. There's never enough time, is there? Have to say that one of the main benefits of moving back for me - whenever it happens - will be more opportunities for that. And of course to check out all your wine recommendations in person, obv.

  10. Commenting rather belatedly as just revisiting what I learned from BritMums Live. I had forgotten you had come from Russia. And I know that "lights off" (JFK, pre-kids, real job days). I think the book sessions were the best. You're right a lot of people have book ideas (I'm sort of one of them). I think the hard part is writing the damn thing and I have a feeling you're ahead on that one!


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