Saturday, 29 June 2013

Food for thought...

The weather today in Moscow is 31degC and sunny.

The weather today in London is (max) 21degC - but at the moment, is 12degC.

I'm getting on a plane and flying from the former to the latter.

Better leave my warm weather gear here, then.


  1. Last year, after a wet and cold June in England, we flew back to a sweltering hot and humid Chicago and it was awful. This year apparently it's not too hot and quite breezy which will be nice. And - more importantly, it hasn't been to bad in the UK either. :-)

  2. Actually the forecast is good for the weekend and amazing for next week so I hope you didn't leave ALL your warm weather stuff behind.

  3. Sunny in the New Forest. Just saying.

  4. EPM, we're in Holland right now - and although today is wet, it's been warm enough (i.2. 18degC - 22degC). Which I guess will have to do...

    AC, Not all of it. Not quite...

    MM - goes without saying!

    KM, if only...


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