Saturday, 20 June 2009

With this post you are spoiling us, Ambassador...

Or, perhaps not...

So yesterday evening I pulled my Marc Jacobs dress out of the cupboard, got myself a mani-pedi, dug the Louboutins out from under the bed, and settled down on the sofa in my role as a Disney Blu-Ray Ambassador again.

I have to admit, the movie I'm about to write about was not one that was high on my list of priorities. In fact, the very thought of watching it sent Husband scuttling away on a business trip to Holland for the night. But still, a deal is a deal, and I turn you to now with Ferrero Rocher smeared lips (as befitting all ambassadors) to tell you all about High School Musical 3.

Before we start though, I have a confession to make. A number of them, actually...

1. I have not watched High School Musicals 1 or 2.

2. I have no intention of allowing my boys to watch any of them (until at least next month when they are bound to start asking due to the High School Musical themed party they've been invited to, anyway).

3. But I want Gabriella's legs. (Although I suppose that they might look a tad out of place on my body, if I'm honest...).

4. Zac Ephron is a better dancer than I expected him to be.

5. Previously I thought basketball players were generally giants but most of the actors supposedly playing them here couldn't have been more than 5'10".

6. I guess that I might be splitting hairs, but that is probably because, in spite of this, I'm embarrassed to admit that...

7. ...I actually found myself getting a little bit carried away by the Wildcats theme tune.

8. Although that might have been the box of Burnt Sugar Original Fudge I ate whilst watching the movie kicking in...

Seriously? The movie was better than I expected it to be, but still not something grown women should admit to watching on their own on Wednesday evening. Having said that, I think it would be fine for tweens to watch, and I know that a lot of parents think it's fine for kids significantly younger than that.

Overall, it's harmless fun, and the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is handled sensitively without too much physicality (if you worry about that sort of thing, which I do). In fact, there's probably nothing in the film that would make my dad jump up in embarrassment and change channels should the moon turn to cheese and he found himself watching it.

As with the other films I've watched, I can't comment on how this would look on a normal dvd, or the improvements that watching it on the Blu-Ray format make. However, with this new technology it is possible to see every blade of grass, every perfectly groomed hair and every teenage spot. Or it would be, if any of the actors were actually teenagers...

So to sum up, HSM3 was actually alright. (Sorry Disney, but I am so the wrong audience for this one...). And I have no doubt whatsoever that as the Boys get older and I lose control of the remote this sort of movie will appear on our tv with alarming regularity.


  1. At least your children will only be watching it, not living it... Spare a thought for the expat mums in the US.

  2. I hate Zac Ephron, his hair looks somehow upside down.

  3. It's the merchandising that accompanies HSM that gets you rolling your eyes. And the tweenage/teenage girls salivating over Zac Ephron. (Which I don't understand either!!) Fortunately my girls aren't particularly interested, but the friends of the 13 year old are a bit of a worry. I suppose it's all pretty harmless.

  4. Iota, oh I do. Really!

    DM, you know, now that you mention it, it does!

    Tracey, harmless, I suppose so. Bearable?

  5. PM - I hate to admit to this but HSM 1 is the best. A bit like Grease or any of those films with sequels, first is always best. Give it a go.. when nobody is watching.. or if you are bored one afternoon. I won't tell anyone.

    BM x

  6. My two loved it. They watched it alone. Now I know you actually watched it all by yourself I feel I might need. to do that too. Sighhh. Blumming Catholic guilt. I was hoping to just let Miss E review it. ;D Bad Jo.


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