Tuesday 16 June 2009

The envelope, please...

Well children, what have we learned?

Nothing, really.

Except that - as expected - I am unable to keep schtum on the matter of underwear on the bedroom floor.

My intentions were good, but then I woke up to find that the day before yesterday's boxer shorts had been joined by their friends from yesterday, and for all I know were planning on setting up home and making lots of little boxer-short babies...

(Is that the rustle of money changing hands I hear, or was no-one foolish enough to even consider betting on me...?)

I think I handled it pretty well, though. I simply made the comment 'Just because I haven't said anything about the pants on the floor, that doesn't mean they don't bother me. They do bother me.' And then I swept majestically out of the room, the dignity of my exit only slightly compromised by the shriek and stumble as my bare foot met the lego shrapnel scattered across the doorway...


  1. Ha ha!

    My husband read your post and proudly announced 'well, I'm not like that.'

    Then I went and picked up his socks, like I always do. :)

  2. Hot tip for life-enhancing strategy: have laundry basket in bedroom, not bathroom. Then no excuse.

  3. LH, they all like to think they're 'not like that'...

    Iota, that makes me feel worse. Our laundry basket is ALREADY in the bedroom...

  4. I feel your pain. I've tried everything including refusing to pick up or wash anything that's left on the floor. But I crack before he does every time. I've had to leave the house and go for a drive before now just so I could let off steam by yelling obscenities at the top of my lungs. So if you pull up at the traffic lights next to a crazy woman yelling to herself about how she's not anybody's goddamned servant it's probably me.

    Now I'm just concentrating on the next generation to ensure they don't do this shit to their wives.

  5. the lego shrapnel. Always foils a killer exit...

    Are you going to keep going?

  6. I'm glad it's not just me who yells about not being a servant (only I don't have the good grace to leave the house.)

    Hey PM, maybe you could start doing what I do with my girls' shoes that are left lying around. I pick them up, and heave them out into the back yard. It then involves extra effort on their part to get them. (Only I'm too soft to do it when it rains, and thus the variable schedule of reinforcement is broken.)

  7. BB, you and me both on the next generation. There's a lot of nature to break down before the nurture takes hold, though...

    Brit, I'm trying. But who knows? Another multiple sighting of boxer shorts could make me crack and just - gasp - pick them up...

    Tracey, I would, but we live in a flat. Not sure what the neighbours would say about boxer shorts all over the place.

  8. don't do it! you can hold out. How many pairs of boxers does he have? How long can the torture go on?

  9. I loved that your side box was trying to flog us men's underwear as you were complaining about it. I'm new to blogging and still trying to work out what I think about the various arguments people have flagged up on British Mummy Bloggers about advertising in blogs. The choice of products that Google Ads flags up for you are nicely (and presumably unintentionally) ironic. A nice twist. Possibly a win/win/win (for you the writer, us as readers, and the advertisers) though I'd be surprised if many pants got sold as a result.

  10. Brit, I have to admit that it's not usually me who picks them up; Husband does do it - it's just that he replaces them with a new (freshly worn) pair as he does so. Men!

    HMHB, I can tell you now, practically none get sold if the results of my google ads are to be believed. Another blogger has said that her ads don't even pay for her coffee - well, mine wouldn't even cover the milk... (But hey, the links are often entertaining so I won't take it down just yet!)

  11. I admire you for not picking them up!!

  12. CB, it takes a will of iron. And leaving my contact lenses out whenever possible.

  13. "lego shrapnel"

    You do have a way with words!


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