Friday, 20 September 2013

Who needs Bonnie Tyler when you have the Vikings?

Who says education needs to be left to the teachers?  We love Horrible Histories (a BBC-produced series for kids) in this house.  Here's one of the many reasons why...

Soft rock as a means to educate your kids?  Inspired...

(And by the way - if you watch this, apologies for the ear worm that will result.  Don't say you weren't warned).


  1. Horrible Histories is so great.

    This was the kind of quality children's tv that I really yearned for when we were in the US. You won't be surprised to know that Americans aren't really into the kind of ironic take on teaching that this represents.

  2. Funnily enough, Iota, no I'm not at all...

  3. Brilliant. You'll be interested to know that my haplogroup (blood, DNA thing) is only possessed by 9% of Europeans and most of those are in northern Germany, but it used to be all over what is now Scandinavia. I think one of them is my great-grandfather x 22!

  4. Clever use of bone as microphone. Also am very impressed with correct usage of 'literally.' Wish I'd known about these when my boys were smaller - although they'd probably enjoy them now anyway!

  5. EPM, not at all surprised - must be those Scandinavian good looks!

    MsC - I have to be honest and say that *I* still enjoy them. Whish they would incorporate them into my boy's school curriculum, tbh...


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