Monday 23 September 2013

Dear Weather Gods...

Dear Weather Gods,

on Saturday night when I told a relative newcomer to Moscow that she should wash her kids' snow pants now because from the end of September onwards, you don't know when they might need them, I was joking.


And those light-hearted remarks about how our compound is so pretty in the winter that it looks just like the Wham 'Last Christmas'* video?

Also in jest.  I was not, for one moment, suggesting it would be a good idea to bring on the chill unseasonably early.

So please; stop messing about, bring in the Indian Summer we expect at this time of year, and stop taking the piss.

That is all.

Yours faithfully,


(no kisses.  You don't deserve them).

* I may have watched that particular video whilst 'researching' this post.   And it may have thrown up a couple of questions.  Such as;  Honestly.  How on earth can we NOT have guessed Gorgeous George was gay?  And really; what girl wants a brooch - diamond or not - in her stocking before she's 60?  No wonder she gave it to Andrew...


  1. The year I lived in Moscow it started snowing in September.

    Sorry. But it did....

  2. *sticks fingers in ears and shouts 'I can't hear you!' in Harriet's general direction*


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