Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What I've learned this Summer: Part 1

.... that Biarritz is quite like Cornwall - but with better croissants, and more bikinis on the beach.

... that, on the coast of South West France at least, going topless is no longer de rigeur.

... that those who DO go topless, perhaps shouldn't.

... that after all those years of hiding in a one piece, it's only now I'm 45 and probably should know better, that I finally have the confidence to wear a bikini myself*.

... that my sons love ALL types of seafood, knocking back oysters, pulling the curly bits out of whelks and winkles, and attacking dismembered crab with a gusto that I still haven't managed to acquire myself.

... that I can force myself to pretend I love seafood if in the presence of my sons in the hope this will lead to their becoming adventurous eaters in the long term, but...

... that I'm still not that keen on it, actually.

...that the French word for crab is... 'crabe'.

* This may have something to do with the fact that if you wore a one-piece you were in such a minority you stood out as much as if you were topless...


  1. I was brought up eating whelks, winkles and the like. When I take my kids back to the north east coasts in the summer, they almost vomit when I try to get them to eat the same! I must admit, you have to ignore what they look like!

  2. I'm sure you've worn a bikini before. I remember you blogging about it... No?... Must've have been someone else.

  3. I really think my body confidence is bizarrely increasing with age too..?
    I think having four children in tow gives me an excuse for having just a few odd bits! xx


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