Thursday, 30 August 2012


... one blogger's Inspiration.  Specifically, this blogger's inspiration.

It seems that the last few weeks of constant moving about - for seven weeks I didn't go longer than one week without packing and unpacking the family suitcases, and frequently the turn-around was more like 2 days - have completely taken it out of me mentally.  My brain has decided that enough is enough; after nearly 2 months of keeping track of where we were headed next, how we were going to get there, and what I had left where and with whom, it is not - absolutely NOT! - going to be bothered with coming up with anything creative to put out onto t'internet.

But I've been at this game a while now, and I know that the longer you leave it between posts, the harder it gets to write one so guess what, Inspiration?  I got bored waiting for you to get off your dainty bottom and visit me, and went and found some stimulus elsewhere.

To that end, Feather & Black, the lovely people who sell bedroom furniture and gorgeous children's beds, have asked me to participate in their Midsummer Nights Dream Blogger Challenge, an offer which I gratefully accepted.  The basic premise is that they will post 4 pictures on their facebook page, and participating bloggers write a story based on those.  (You can see the first photograph here).  Participating bloggers will post their entries on their own blogs on or before 17th September to compete for the chance to win a £500 prize - and the prize will be awarded to the story which wins the most votes overall.

I love children's stories, and even have a bit of practice at writing them (well, it's one way to entertain your children during bathtime), so I thought this would be a great way to kick start the blog mojo and get back on top of what I have publicly stated as my aim for the next 3 months; to get writing.

Based on the first image, I have a few ideas.  Time will tell, though, if they fit with the next three pictures...


  1. I suspect your inspiration has run off with my inspiration. Maybe there's a big inspiration conference/party going on somewhere that no one told us about.

    Either way, I know how you feel. And the most exotic place I've been recently is Sainsburys so I don't even have that excuse...

  2. Perhaps a small glass of sherry might help?

  3. Plan B, well wherever our Inspirations are, and whatever they're up to, I wish they would just get on with it and come on home! Dirty stopouts...

    KM, now there's a thought... Can you recommend a particular brand and vintage? I prefer a nice dry sherry, myself.


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