Friday, 23 March 2012

My week in tweets...

I've jumped on Jo at Slummy Single Mummy's bandwagon, to bring you a week in tweets.*

* A quick note for those who don't indulge in the filthy habit of tweeting. First off, what do you do with all that spare time? Secondly, there is a limit of 140 characters (including spaces) per tweet, hence the shortness of each message. Thirdly, what follows may not be entirely true. The best tweets are frequently exaggerated versions of reality. But then again, so are some blogs, so same old, same old there then...

Monday: Freezing o/s so I post on hypothetical issue of wearing fur in cold climates in hope of warming up with a heated debate. No takers, dammit.

Tuesday: On snowy forest walk, I spot a dog wearing snow suit & bootees, but with crown jewels left proudly on display. Seems cruel to me...

Wednesday: On weekly shop, consider getting into a spat with v. square babushka over last broccoli. She resembles prow of a ship; decide best not.

Thursday: Boy2 collides with climbing frame in the school playground; the frame wins. Apparently he is now off games FOR EVER. Or til gym tomorrow.

Friday: Spend hrs slaving over pizza (dough from scratch & everything) only to have Boys tell me they ‘like it 50%’. Back to Dr Oetker nxt wk.

Saturday: Climb on scales and decide to fetch my glasses. Take glasses off again as they clearly add to the problem. Ruddy left-over pizza.

Sunday: We are out of Diet Coke. Panic, & break into emergency chocolate to counteract caffeine low. Try to ignore the irony of this act...


  1. Oh, and to think that once upon a time not so long ago you were querying whether to even get a Twitter account. How times change eh? *snort*

    (140 characters, bang on *boom tish*)

    LCM x

  2. Thank God I haven't gotten into the habit yet - have an account but it's just not happening for me. Possible that the coated/booteed dog had a pair of these:

  3. Haha! I love these. You are very funny and clever indeed. The liking it 50% thing struck a particular chord as my girls have a very annoying habit of shrugging and giving things 'six out of ten'.

  4. Cheat - you're supposed to give the character count at the end. Well, actually I don't think that's in the rules but I thought it only fair to do so for my readers. And only nailed the 140 once. Pah!

  5. I love this and might have to pay homage to Jo too!

  6. LCM, I know. Not such a luddite after all, it seems (although I STILL have to get to grips with FB...)

    MsC, you know, I haven't looked at the link. Couldn't bring myself to - the name said it all!

    SSM, thankyou. And it drives me up the wall, the noncommittal answer when I've worked away at their dinner. When I were a kid...

    EPM, really? I thought that was just you! In any case, I did check each tweet was under 140characters, I promise!

    Jen, will be looking out for it!


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