Sunday 9 November 2008

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree

Boy #1 is practising for his Christmas play.

Whilst Christian in ethos, his school has made some concession to the vast array of nationalities (around 52 at the last count, I'm told) and the no doubt corresponding number of religious affilitions of the pupils attending, and has stopped short of calling it an out and out 'nativity'.

I don't know who they think they are kidding, however. There's a Mary, a Joseph, an angelic host, some shepherds, and, oh yes, some waiters - of course. Boy #1 is one of them. Quite how they fit in, I'm not sure, but bearing in mind the following conversation anything is possible.

Boy #1: "And we've been practising the songs. And the dancing."

Me: "There's going to be dancing?"

Boy #1: "Oh yes, with jumping, and back trotting, and front trotting (of course). And the Three Kings, who don't say much but roll around on the stage (here he demonstrates very efficiently), and wobble around a bit."

Me: "Sounds great."

Boy #1: "And they're going to be dressed as alvers."

Me: "Alvers?"

Boy #1: "Yes, Alvers."

Me: "What are alvers?" (Thinking, does he mean elvers? And why would they dress the 3 kings as baby eels?)

Boy #1: "With the hair. You know. Alvers. The King."

Suddenly, it dawned on me. Who else would the 3 Kings be dressed as in a modern day version of a nativity play? It could only be The King himself.


I just can't wait. (And is anyone else thinking of the nativity play in 'Love, Actually'?)


  1. Teaching us about the real world now - out of the mouths of babes.

    Of course it is Elvis!

    I'd say Good Lord! - but that doesn't fit anymore does it.

  2. Hee, hee, hee. It would have taken me a lot longer to make that leap I must say!!!

  3. Front trotting, front trotting! I'm so excited. Can you get tickets for this, or do you have to be a parent? I don't even live in the right country, but if tickets were on sale, I'm sure I could find a way to be there. Back trotting too! Wow. Can't wait.

    And the front trotting will be clothed, I assume? Or will they go for the full monty naked front trotting riverdance effect? Do hope so...

  4. LOL Elvis...and as for the hair, three mini Elvises on stage should be a hoot. ;-D

  5. Front trotting is difficult enough, but it's the back trotting that impresses me. The trick is to make sure you have your hands on hips, a smile on your face, and don't look back. Do you think the whole cast will be trotting, in a chorus line formation, led by the Baby Jesus and his Elvis attendants? I can't wait to read your review.

  6. I want to see the three wise Alvers back trotting. Do you think the waiters will do co-ordinated trotting? but most important of all who got the solo trotting?

  7. OMG!! Please, please please PM can we have can blank out their little faces but front trotting Elvises are an absolute must! That's assuming they do a little more than rolling around the stage... Will remember not to be drinking coffee when you post your review of the production ;-)

    Iota, I'm nearly with you, it's almost worth a trip back to cold, wet gloomy England . . .

  8. Elvis AND front trotting?

    You must start selling tickets....

  9. Front & back trotting Elvises (or is the plural 'Elvi'?) and waiters?

    Even if the Kings aren't rolling around on the floor I think some of the audience might be!

    I can't wait for that post!

  10. Aims, go wash your mouth out for that politically incorrect expression!

    EPM, I know, normally it would me too. It was just the reference to 'hair' that got me thinking...

    Iota, I'm thinking they'll be dressed... And if you find yourself in London at the beginning of December I'm sure we can find a way to get you in!

    21stC Mummy - I know, it's just a shame the Elvi don't get to sing.

    FK - well, don't worry - you'll get to see evidence over Christmas. No doubt Boy #1 will put on full performance for you after lunch. (For those of you who don't know, FK and I are sisters...)

    Eve, probably the angel Gabriel gets to do the solo turn. But you know, it's all so confusing I wouldn't be surprised if the audience gets involved too.

    Sharon, it IS cold and gloomy. Monsoon weather has arrived (or is it El / La Nino / Nina?). We only have the prospect of waiters and front trotting to keep our spirits up.

    NVG - are you offering to act as an agent?

    Mud, I think you're right, it's Elvi - as in, 'a sequin of Elvi'...

  11. This play sounds brilliant. I am so excited for you. Miss M will be in her first Nursery play this year. I have yet to hear what it will be but have no doubt it will be either a star or an angel. I will cry and cry. :D

  12. That video would be priceless! None of our plays sound nearly that entertaining, they are more like recitals. If we beg, can we see video? Please.

  13. Of course the Real Elvis, never had the trots, he was always very constipated, particularly at the end of his life. Not sure HOW I know that bit of trivia....
    Yes this is SOOOOOO Love Actually.
    Can I pay in advance for a copy of the video??

  14. It's all very well for you, MH - I had to keep a straight face.

    Jo, I'm sure you will. I'm just hoping that Boy #1 is a little more confident this time than he has been in 2 out of 3 of his nursery plays, where he spent most of the time sitting on his teacher's lap and refusing to participate...

    Ped, you know I can't say yes - but oh, how I would LIKE to!

    Paradise, for some reason I knew that too but had (mercifully, perhaps?) forgotten it... as for the video, see my comment to Ped. So sorry to disappoint, really, but I can see my being drummed out of school if I did...


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