Monday, 24 November 2008

It's Carnival Time

So, it's here. The Best of the British Parent Bloggers Carnival...

There are 28 links below to posts from British bloggers (in no particular order), all of which are great. Some are quite simply hilarious, others will make you think, and still more will tug at your heartstrings.

If you would like to vote for one in particular as the stand-out submission, simply leave a note in my comment box and I will post in around a week with an update on who 'won'. No prizes, I'm afraid, other than the satisfaction...

And finally before you get stuck in, if you are interested in hosting one of the carnival posts yourself, click on this link and see just how it easy it is...


Frog in the Field writes of the fun of being introduced to the in-laws in:

Reluctant Memsahib takes a look at how marriage and having it all aren't necessarily intimate bed-fellows in :

Samantha Smythe writes on the perils of allowing your soup to become a living entity in:

Part Mummy, Part Me writes on the frustrations of marrying parenting and work and a nitty problem in:

Iota tells the story of how her 6 year old learnt his own, special, pledge of allegiance when he started school in the US:

A Modern Mother recounts how resorting to bribery with your children might not be ethical - but it works, in:

Nappy Valley Girl tells us why she won't be sending the kids off to boarding school in:

Bush Mummy writes of how the simple of act of taking a shower in the morning, isn't simple at all...:

Majajibba tells us how those baby urges can creep up when you least expect them in:

Little Mummy takes a look at a new website for families and wonders if there's space for everyone in the blogosphere in:

Mud in the City writes about the perils of internet dating in:

Jaywalker at Belgian Waffling writes of the fun of being a parent and said with her submission note: "Promise you'll give me one of those bbc style health warnings "with strong language right from the start...". Consider yourselves warned...:

Footballer's Knees tells us how her crush on Nigella may be more off than on in:

Ella at Most/Least considers how stay-at-home motherhood is grossly undervalued, both by Society, and herself (I have SO been there, Ella) in :

Paradise Lost in Translation tells us of the perils of driving in Albania in:

Single Dad writes of how the differences between boys and girls are starting to be taken seriously by the educational establishment in:

Mya takes a look at her recent trip to the UK and the perils of eating stall-bought soup on Bonfire Night in:

Working Mum tells us of being ambushed by choice in Tesco in:

You think you've been flooded by decisions? Take a look at Nunhead Mum of One's post on:

Grit takes a wry look at Home Educating in:

Expat Mum writes about the satisfaction that comes from beating the system in:

Rotwatch muses on AA Gill, growing your own veg, the X Factor and the Mountain Marathon Race in:

Milla at Country Lite shares the delights of supermarket eavesdropping with us in:

Charlene at Thames Valley Mums mourns two lost child-free hours in:

The London Mums Blog wonders whether the marketeers at J&J really thought it through before they released an ad guaranteed to upset every mother who has ever used a baby carrier in:
Jo Beaufoix discovers that the future is not, as she had previously thought, Barak Obama, in:

And lastly, here's an exerpt from my Potty Diaries, on why nativity plays ain't what they used to be:
Stop press: a late entry from Tara at Sticky Fingers was too good to leave out: in it, she ponders all the things she told herself BC (before children) she would never do. Are you brave enough to go there with her at: ?


  1. Well Potty, I am a huge fan of yours, as you know. I just love the mention of front trotting (of course), I must ask for a demonstration next time I see Boy#1.
    Oops..must go, the milkman's arrived!

  2. well done, PM!! What with this and your christmas present thang, you're fast becoming Queen of the Links.

  3. Thanks PM! I've happily wasted too much of today reading those.
    If only work wasn't quite so dull....

  4. Well done Potsy - I, for one, think your organisational skills are top notch. And lots of new blogs to check out, thankyou!
    Mya x

    I'm not sure about that Missing You Already one though...

  5. Thanks Potty - this has really cheered me up. I've been ill since Friday and have missed my blogging pals. Have not read them all yet but Nappy Valley Girl's is up there for me.

    Boarding school - an emotional subject.

    BM x

  6. Such a great list!

    Must cast my vote for fellow widow(er) and honorary "mom," Single Parent Dad.

  7. One thing I LOVE about blogging is that it brings such variety and meets so many different needs. Your carnival proves my point.

    Ella, on how motherhood is undervalued, gave me lots to chew over; Working Mum, on too much choice in the yoghurt aisle, made me sigh with relief that I'm not the only one; Grit, on the reasons not to homeschool, had me hooting with laughter.

    Thanks for organising a great read, Potty.

  8. Haven't read them all, yet, but from the ones I have read, I'll have problems choosing a favourite.

    Thank you for letting me take part and introducing me to new and interesting bloggy mummies!

  9. .Very well done, Potty. Grit had me howling with laughter. Great list.

  10. Award for you at mine!

  11. Wow, what a reading list. Have not been through them all, just read Nappy's account of boarding school. I didn't go to boarding school and it brought tears to MY eyes.

  12. thank you pm for all your hard work in organising!

  13. Ditto, what Grit said Poty Mummy, a lot to organise, especially at this time of year, and you write so many posts and research christmas lists for your boys too. Definte a Supermum.
    I loved Grit's post too, about home schooling. I'm a teacher but the thought of home schooling my two has always made me recoil in horror & made me break out in a cold sweat....

  14. Thanks for organising this, I've really enjoyed finding some new blogs.

    My vote goes to Grit who was hilarious with her homeschooling post!

  15. I'd like to put in a vote for Jaywalker - just because I love her marvellously bonkers cakes du mal.


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