Friday, 10 October 2008

Note to self #797;

Do not go supermarket shopping whilst hungry.

In an unprecedented guerilla attack, two (not one, but two) bars of Green and Black's chocolate threw themselves into my basket this morning whilst Boy #2 and I were out stocking up on frozen goodies for future babysitter visits.

Since we got home, one of the bars has already been opened.

No sharing with the family has been in evidence.

And in other news;

the Mouse is back.

I suppose these facts might be related..?

Whilst it's tempting to answer that with an ex-colleague's favourite response of "No shxt, Sherlock..." I fear that this was, instead, an 'accident' waiting to happen. I've - just about - reached my target weight. My jeans are finally loose again. So rather than standing still and simply enjoying the moment, I react as countless other women do in this situation.

Yes. Sabotage.

Don't worry on my behalf, though. I will throw the chocolate bars away.

Well - I will certainly throw the empty wrappers away, in any case.


  1. But surely Green and Black's is good for you, all those cocoa solids equal "good mood food"!

  2. Indeed. In fact I was advised by a Dr. (for my latest long haul flight) that instead of taking an aspirin to counter potentially detrimental effects, I should just drink red wine and eat dark choc on the flight.

    My kind of doctor!

  3. True - but probably not if you eat the entire 100g bar. Which I haven't - yet. It's just a matter of (not very much) time.

  4. Oh - the mouse. Guess his summer vacation is over and he's settling in for the long haul.

    Whatever you do - don't throw the chocolate at the mouse. The little bugger will only thank you for it.

  5. You and Rotten Correspondent. What is it with you and mice?

  6. Oh the self sabotage. I know ALL about self sabotage. When you figure out how to combat it, let me know.

  7. Aims, does that mean you tried the G&B you found near you? If yes, dare I ask if you liked it?

    Iota, all the best people have them, didn't you know? Why, they're quite the fashion accessory in Kensington and Chelsea...

    Tracey, I take it that means you don't have any tips. Blast. Completed the self-sab last night with a curry and beer. May as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. Which is why I am typing this at the internet cafe at the gym...

  8. Oh no, there is a bar of G&Bs in my cupboard that I've managed to ignore up until now.
    I've just read this and I can here it's little voice calling to me . . .

  9. i'm so excited for you that the exercise is working! the chocolate at this point is okay because you have proven to yourself that the weight can come off - at least that's what i tell myself when i see it coming off and feel the need to justify dessert.

  10. Next time put the chocolate bars in the refrigerator, they will taste better too. And by all means, have that glass of red wine to go with them. You do have to know how to indulge sometimes, even when you are on a diet. Everybody is allowed a lost day. Don't share your chocolate with the boys. It is bad for their teeth, just tell them that. Mothers need chocolate, it is their soul food.

  11. Solution... put the chocolate in a mouse trap?

  12. Tara, we need to know... is the chocolate still in your cupboard?

    SB, you're right, it is, though perhaps a little more slowly than I would like, or indeed a little more slowly than it would do if I could kick the blasted chocolate habit!

    Irene, oh-so true! Chocolate is soul food, along with any risotto, diet coke (I know I shouldn't but wth), and marmalade and butter on toast...

    NVG - blasphemy!


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