Saturday, 25 August 2007

Look after the pennies...

Have just been reading (and admiring the nerve of) Dulwich Mum's blog, and it put me in mind of a very different conversation I had with Husband on the way home from our regular Friday night date (the only way that he and I get to spend time together awake and chat unencumbered with nappy changes, shouting toddler and pre-schooler, and distractions like picking crusty bits of Ready Brek out of the place-mats).

Whilst checking that we had enough cash to pay our babysitter, my beloved pronounced himself horrified that I wasn't sure if her rate was £8 or £8.50 per hour, and that I should make sure we weren't overpaying her as we are spending money like water at the moment. (Yes, it's school fee time for us too). I bridled at the suggestion that over-paying by a total of £2 was extravagent and countered by a) asking how much his new bespoke tailored jacket that he was wearing with such pride cost - to which he answered shamefacedly 'a lot', and b) by pointing out that we currently pay our cleaner more per hour than we do our baby sitter, which surely is not the right way round. At this point we parleyed and changed the subject...

But the best form defence is attack, and I have to admit that he may have had a point on my not knowing the babysitter's rate. Must try harder on the house-hold accounts...

Anyway, babysitting aside, here is Husband's second - and final - contribution to the Potty diaries (although don't worry, I do have plenty more of my own. Hurrah, I hear you cry...)

August 20th, 2006

Don't know how she does it (Husband here by the way).

Just when you think you have things under control with the one, the other starts crying for attention. I may soon have to concede that the weaker sex is superior in the multitasking arena.

Boy #1 is wearing his normal pants. Bit concerned as he has not done a pooh yet, and whilst at the time I was unaware of his earlier doing-the-business-direct-in-pants-experience, I understand the risks here clearly. He now dutifully asks to sit on his new potty and whilst I feel he is taking the Mickey when he after 5 times (each without any result, of course) asks again, naturally just as I sit down to give Boy #2 his bottle (probably because), I swiftly install him on his throne in the bathroom.

After nestling back on the sofa with my other son slurping on my lap I suddenly wake up (yes, I may have dozed off for a moment) as a potty - not the throne but an old one - is held under my nose by beaming Boy #1 exclaiming: 'dunna pooh, dunna pooh'. And so he had, quite an impressive one at that. Of course this result was all down to Papa parenting. So when PM returned, and I had the washing up done, bottles sterilised, flat cleared up (well in my definition anyway) I could detect her uttering a silent 'typical, here I am, toiling away every day and Boy #1 does this whilst I'm out'. Life just isn't fair.


  1. Lovely Potty Mummy, you truely have missed a window of opportunity here! I can be completely honest on the net - say things I could not possibly share with the neighbours, at the school gate or indeed with my husband... and indeed, through the blog I stay sane(ish) - I think?

    I envy that you communicate with your husband - mine has his PA phone me, and I have mine phone him - or else the au pair can be relied upon to pass on a message.

    Good for you - you share a blog ... (sigh).

  2. Dear Dulwich, I hate to disillusion you but no, my beloved Husband and I don't have that kind of relationship at all! I have simply copied over some notes he wrote last summer when he read what I wrote then and decided he could do it just as well (and did better, blast him...). As for sharing a blog - quel horeur (or however it's spelt). Like you, I also want somewhere I can say whatever I please - and the net is it...

    Thank god for it, I say!

    PS - thanks so much for the comment. Think I shall have to place a repeat (imaginary, sadly) order for those Tiffany charm bracelets I mentioned a few posts ago.

  3. Lovely Potty Mummy,

    Have you spotted this dear heart?

    It really is the ultimate - goodbye to comfortable mummy clothes and Orla Kiely wipe clean handbags!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. However, can just imagine what Boy #2 would make of that, and how quickly it would become encrusted with snot, food, and other unmentionable substances.

    I used to have a life - and a wardrobe...

  5. Potty Mummy,
    you can have a life and a wardrobe! There will just be a slight timewarp with things adjusting themselves.
    I love your blog, my husband and I never know how much anything costs,(except the School fees), I confess to not even knowing how much a pint of milk is!! Must ask Adam (milkman) when he comes in for coffee on Tuesday.
    I'm very jealous, you have a date night? I forget what my husband even looks like this time of year!
    Am forever mixing him up with his brother!

  6. So I get a date night - but you get a no doubt fit and hunky farmer husband (my Husband and Exercise are mutually exclusive - although I'm no better, more of which in my next blog...).

    Must say however that if it's possible to schedule that type of thing in it can be a blessing; I would highly recommend it. If nothing else a standing order for a baby-sitter every Friday night gives you the freedom to be spontaneous if friends want to go out or if you even just want to spend time together (hmmm).

    So that's the social life starting to come back - must try harder on the wardrobe!

  7. Oh I'm so glad my potty days are over. I like the duet.


  8. I do, in fact have a fit and hunky husband.

  9. ps. Unlike myself...nackered and flabby feeling!

  10. Dear Poetess, thanks for the visit; I too am delighted that my days of potty training Boy #1 are over, but of course I have it all to come with Boy #2. Can't wait!


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