Wednesday, 22 August 2007

It takes two...

So the planning for Boy #1's party continues apace. Have just ordered what seems like a gargantuan amount of dinosaur kit on-line (sorry Frog in the Field, loved your stuff, but dinosaurs were demanded, so we had to go elsewhere). Am now hoping it will arrive on time - along with the party guests, who are being just a tad tardy in their replies. I guess that's what happens when you live in ex-pat central and send out invitations when most of the kids are sunning themselves in the south of France or wherever their yummy mums originally hail from (at the last count; France, Germany, Denmark, US, Spain, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Netherlands, and oh yes - Fulham). Sometimes it's just not glam being a white-bread Brit...

Am hatching plans for rebellion, however. It's de-rigeur round here to have not just the kids but also the mums / carers / ridiculously smart nannies at a party, but am wondering if there is a way out of this doubling-up... Had my eyes opened to this possibility by a friend who recently had 25 kids over for her little girl's 3rd birthday – and did not have their parents. Whisper it quietly, but it seems they were delighted to offload their little angels for a couple of hours. Mind you, this was in Teddington, rather than here where unfortunately, nobody seems to have told my neighbours about this revolutionary retro development... The one friend I’ve mooted it to so far gasped at the suggestion that she should – horror – leave her daughter in my care. So unless we manage to pull it off, for 15 kids read 15 hangers-on – who also need to be fed and watered for a couple of hours. I guess this is why you get the caterers in. Or don’t do it all… (Not an option for us now however, as I have just ordered clicked 'process order' on every piece of dinosaur merchandise that ever existed).

Onto the potty diaries. Bit of a departure here as last summer, in the thick of it, I actually got my husband to contribute his musings for a couple of days - and or course it was much more entertaining than my own thoughts. Typical. So I have included it for your amusement - although don't get too excited, this effort only lasted a couple of days. Men, huh?

August 19th 2006

Hello, my name is Husband, aka Dad. Am taking over for the day. Not just the diary but also the Boys, well tomorrow morning anyway but don't say I do not take my fair share of parental duties. Am the one who is always away and therefore is regularly accused of not taking my fair share, having it easy not being home all day, having all-day adult conversation (PM clearly has never been to my place of work), going non-stop to Starbucks with colleagues (filthy coffee machine in office kitchen more likely) and going to loo with the door shut (would quickly be spending more time at home if didn't). I guess life just isn't fair. Well after a week of little sleep, jetlag and no luggage I was told I would be getting the boys ready this morning while PM would be out. In honesty have been quite impressed she has got Boy #1 to sit down on potty regularly, even if with mixed result. The only way I can get him to sit still is turning on a Bob DVD (technology is Man's best friend).

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  1. That's quite all right, have been thinking of doing a dinosaur bag for a while, but all I have are Dinosaur Balls..will be seeing a doctor, obviously!


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