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>> Friday, 20 May 2011

Walking my sons to school this morning, I heard the first nightingale of the summer. It's unmistakeable, the song of a nightingale; once heard, never forgotten (and as soon as I work out how to put a sound clip onto Blogger - all hints much appreciated, by the way - I'll let you hear it too), and it suddenly struck me; who knew I would have to move all the way to Moscow to experience it?

I certainly never heard one in London. And I never would have expected to hear one here either, if I'm honest. But that's what being an expat can be like; realising that there is alway so much more to - well, practically anywhere - than your preconceptions.

So for those who might imagine Moscow as snowy, grey, dirty and full of brutal modernist architecture (and I'm not going to tell you that it isn't all of those things at least some of the time, it is), here's a glimpse of another side to city living here. All of these photos were taken within 5 metres of my front door...

(And yes - that is a Potski Front FlowerBed Springwatch shot I snuck in at the end...)

If you've enjoyed this post, might I ask that you click on this link to take you over to 'Circle of Moms' where they are currently voting for their top 25 Expat Mom Blogs? You don't have to vote for me (although of course that would be very much appreciated), but there are plenty of other interesting blogs on there to look at, some of which you might recognise...


Iota 20 May 2011 at 09:59  

Could you upload it to youtube, and then embed the youtube clip?

LJB @ crankymonkeys in london 20 May 2011 at 14:21  

I'll vote for you if you vote for me :)

nappy valley girl 20 May 2011 at 21:05  

Glad to see that spring has finally arrived!

jazzygal 21 May 2011 at 19:43  

Lovely photos! I'm afraid I've no idea about the sound clip... I'm just a wannabe-geek!

xx Jazzy

The mum of all trades 21 May 2011 at 20:00  

i would love to vote for you.

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