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>> Wednesday, 12 May 2010

This week's Gallery over at Tara's place nearly got away from me - which is ironic, because as soon as I saw this photo (taken by my Husband last Sunday) I knew it was The One.

Remember those tv pictures of Brezhnev, Gorbachov and the like taking the salute in Red Square years ago? Well, Victory Day in Russia is still a very Big Deal, and what you see above is proof of that. The guys in the photo above have just participated in this year's parade and are heading back to their start point along Tverskaya, one of Moscow's main roads, and are surrounded by flag-waving cheering crowds.

There's a strong possibility that the guys in this tank are conscripts, since Russia still has mandatory national service for men (unless you can 'persuade' the authorities otherwise, which apparently nearly 90% of the population are able to do), and I can't help but feel glad for them that they had this opportunity to get a bit of fun out of what I'm told (by Russians) is one of the most hellish years a man can have in his life...


nappy valley girl 12 May 2010 at 14:52  

I bet your boys loved watching that!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings 12 May 2010 at 16:22  

Ah, so this scenes are indeed real! Great shot your hubby got!

Calif Lorna 12 May 2010 at 16:58  

A perfect day out for boys! It does evoke memories from years ago.

Potty Mummy 13 May 2010 at 07:47  

NVG, you have no idea!

Lisa, yes - although I have my suspicions that all the shells on display were plastic.

Lorna, far too many years ago for my liking!

Belgravia wife - sort of 13 May 2010 at 09:33  

Hi PM - I love the photo and the 'persuade' bit ! xx

Livi 13 May 2010 at 11:33  

great take on the theme, really interesting photo.

nixdminx 13 May 2010 at 22:24  

Wow amazing photo - looks a bit warmer there by now? xx

Nota Bene 14 May 2010 at 14:00  

Wish we'd been there to see it - they were building all the staging and re-laying the Square earlier on in April in readiness. Our guide (who seemed to have a peculiar love/hate relationship with her memories of the Soviet Union) was very non-committal, but you got the feeling that it was going to be as important as ever. Great to see they had British soldiers parading there too

Potty Mummy 14 May 2010 at 19:35  

BW - oh, you saw through that, then?

Thanks Livi. Heaven only knows though how I'm going to manage next week's!

NM, thanks. And would it piss you off completely to know it's been 25degC or more all week? It would?

NB, thanks for commenting and yes it was very impressive. Although I'm told that the Russian army doesn't actually have half the equipment on display - so I'm guessing replicas'r'us...

Beta Dad 29 May 2010 at 18:53  

I remember those parades from when we were diplomats there in the late seventies. My parents would surreptitiously take photos of the arsenal as it rolled by, using me as cover. Good times!

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