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>> Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tara's prompt for this week's Gallery was Friendship. This presented me with a problem - although not the one you might imagine. I have loads of pictures of my friends. Hundreds. Thousands, probably. It's just that when I started looking for them I realised that since the arrival of my sons, most photographic impulses have been limited to documenting them. And the photographs before? Well, all pre-digital, I'm afraid. And whilst we did pack a load of stuff to bring to Russia with us at the beginning of the year, unfortunately photo albums were not amongst them.

So just as I learned something from participating in last week's Gallery - namely, what's the point of being camera-shy, I'm part of this family and should be proud of showing that off - I've learned something from this weeks'. That is; it's time to start taking photos of my friends again, because they're definitely worth it.

In the meantime though, this is a photograph that Husband took when on holiday with a group of his university friends a couple of years back. It's a long story, but every 5 years or so those that can all get together and go away for a week (it's called a Lustrom - or something), without the distraction of wives, girlfriends or children, and re-establish the bonds they formed over 20 years ago.

Yep. Makes me mad with jealousy too. Can you imagine co-ordinating 15 girlfriends and persuading them they are able to leave their families for a week of fun and frolics somewhere gorgeous without a hefty proportion of them pulling out at the last minute due to an excess of guilt, other commitments or childcare issues? Probably not... And then, can you imagine managing to persuade those that DID make it to don skin-tight lycra and go out cycling for the day?

Me neither.


nudieprincess 26 May 2010 at 12:34  

Wow, a whole week away with 14 of my friends- I would love that. The cycling shorts- not so much ;0)

@jencull 26 May 2010 at 16:43  

Wow, 14 away together, sounds like the perfect holiday:) Jen.

Potty Mummy 26 May 2010 at 18:18  

Thanks for visiting and commenting all, and...

NP, yep. The lycra. Let's just say that most of their physiques - I'm told - weren't best displayed in those outfits.

JC, for them, yes!

CM, I think they did. Although - and see my subsequent post - I'm told they were all quite pleased to get home...

Barbara 26 May 2010 at 21:40  

Yes, I'd do the week away if I could not wear the shorts. I was going to say "if I could wriggle out of the shorts" but that didn't sound quite right!

Mirka 27 May 2010 at 18:50  

I love going cycling, we go very often with my DH and Isabelle, would love to go with my friends, must have been amazing ;)

bubbleboo 27 May 2010 at 20:34  

How great that they all still get together like that!

Tracey 28 May 2010 at 06:50  

I would love a week away with a bunch of friends going cycling! Problem is, I'd want Himself to come too... and in fact anything I'd like to go away doing would be something that he and I both enjoy. I see women going on Girls' Weekends away, but they are not doing stuff that I'd like. (Shopping trips, nightclubs... not my thing.)

I know what you meanm though, about the men seeming to find it easier to just go away for 'a few days' without the guilt that many of us Mums would feel.

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