Monday, 22 February 2010

Today's Definition of...

....Pride coming before a Fall;


Yesterday evening Husband and I watched the Baftas. When he remarked that he was going to be in Chiswick today and who knows, might bump into local Bafta Best Actor Colin Firth, I flippantly suggested that if he did so he should mention that I personally was unimpressed by the bouffant hair style he had been sporting at the award ceremony. (Although, like everyone else no doubt, I was mightily impressed by his speech - the only really entertaining one of the evening - in which he described how you should never send an important e-mail without getting your fridge fixed first).

The Fall

I got my hair cut today by an unfamiliar stylist. Suffice it to say, I have been 'bouffed' to the max.

Serves me right.

Note: You might think I would have known better than to make the comments above, since a while back I wrote a post on hairdresser disasters for Powder Room Graffiti; check it out here if you're interested...


  1. I agree.

    Excellent speech. Terrible hair.

    Let's hope the bouffant is for his next part.

  2. that like the Oscars? If so, then do they have an Emmy-type award in Great Britain too? Hubby and I were watching Dr. Who the other day and I said the guy who played The Master should get an award. He was brilliant.

  3. oh dear, hope it washes out. nothing worse than trying to find a good hairdresser in a foreign country. It's taken me 5 years!

  4. I didn't see it, but Colin would still be gorgeous even with a bouffant. (As, I'm sure, would you PM...).

  5. "Bouffed"??? Sounds positively rude!

  6. Lorna, good point, I didn't think of that.

    Lisa, he is great, that guy. Has done a lot of more serious stuff too - was in the original 'Life on Mars' which I think you have an American version of now too. Name is John Simms...

    Heather, sadly this was at my normal London hairdressers (I'm back for half term), it's just that the woman who normally cuts my hair wasn't in - hence the 'do'...

    Oh NVG, you say the nicest things. (And yes, he was still gorgeous, if a bit new-romantic)

    EPM - you've spent too long abroad...


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