Monday, 28 December 2009

From the mouths of babes...

We've been in the Netherlands with Husband's family celebrating what is apparantly our last ever (EVER) Christmas in civilisation (if you listen to the subtext beaming out loud and clear from my m-i-l, that is...). The highpoint of our trip was a visit to The Efteling Theme Park, a sort of pre-Disney Land fairy tale kingdom.

My mother-in-law has been planning this trip ever since her first grandchild made an appearance around 12 years ago, so this was understandably Big Deal for her. Consequently there were plenty of questions to the children (all 7 of them) as to whether or not they were enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, it seems Boy *2 did not recieve the memo about toeing the party line...

M-i-l: "So, did you enjoy that ride, Boy *2? Was it loek?" (Trans: cute, funny, enjoyable).

Boy *2: "Well... (I held my breath. This ride - the one she was talking about - was probably not what would normally have been his cup of tea. It featured elves, trolls, goblins, true, but it was also quite heavy on the fairy quotient). Yes, yes I did!" (I breathed a sigh of relief).

M-i-l: "And did you like all the magic?" (The ride took us through a fairy kingdom with various scenarios that might feature in your average elf's life).

Boy *2: "Yes... But... I was wondering. Who was controlling it all?"

Give me strength.


  1. Fair question I think. At least he comes across as a bit brighter than my 14 year old, who only recently realised that those fancy houses with the sound-to-light Christmas decor weren't actually being controlled by the owners, standing inside flicking the light switches on and off. (Give me strength.)

  2. Bit like 6yo who said when his sister's Xmas present appeared (the one they had found in the guest bathroom the week before - you will have to read the post to get the gist), "You tricked me!"

    Hmmm... how much longer before Santa kicks the bucket as well?

    LCM x

  3. Where is all the innocence!!! They just know these things dont they. My two never toe the party line much to my embarresment

  4. oh dear, no the last time in civilisation ever? I can relate.

  5. I can relate to you holding your breath while the kids answered the question lol.

  6. I'm glad that boy #2 lives up to his reputation again. You can't pull the wool over that kid's eyes. He's smart as a button. In two languages.

  7. Will send spinach and Green & Blacks immediately Potty!
    ps. email me! Your address is in my old laptop and it's, erm, tricky to get it to work!

  8. Control is very imp when you are small - ask Bog Boy. he demanded a remote control this year for Christmas...I think control is a big issue for youngest ones!

  9. He's obviously a bright one. Unlike mine, who believed that I could call Santa on my mobile if they were naughty.....

  10. I can't wait to become a MIL - so much fun to be had with comments with huge meaning hidden behind. I'm sure my DIL will loathe me!

  11. Yeah, now put him on a ghost ride and see if he retains the same level of sang froid!! I'm awful I know but that's exactly what happened to me aged something like 10... the kiddie ride was obviously too fake so I asked to go on the ghost ride and was allowed, given I knew it was not real... terrified me right out of my socks...


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