Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nonsense and Stuff

In the car this morning my two sons decided to act true to type...

Me: "So, Boy #1, what do you do at school on a Thursday?

Boy #1 (always loving a bit of drama and suspense when - most importantly - he is the one dishing it out); "I don't know. It's a mystery! We'll just have wait until we get there to find out..."

Me: "OK... And Boy #2? What do you have at school on a Thursday?"

Boy #2: "Sausages!"

Cutting straight to the chase, as usual. Good to know he's aware of what's important in life...

The whole move to Moscow thing is becoming a bit real today with estate agents calling to value the flat for lettings and international movers hassling us for paper-work, so once again I suggest that if you want to read coherent thought from me you check the following;

Powder Room Graffiti - where I'm musing on the dubious benefits of Skype's video-call facility

or Alpha Mummy at Times Online, where I'm revisiting and expanding on my thoughts from my earlier post on a Husband-shaped space in our lives.

Oh, and Red Magazine is running an article about the British Mummy Bloggers Ning this month, featuring an interview with the divine Susanna of A Modern Mother who set the network up. And yes, I am in the photograph. (Note to self - work on posture... Pilates, perhaps?)


  1. Hee hee. Your two sound just like my two - all the second one thinks about is food! They couldn't be more different. And btw, I read your post on Alpha Mummy and really enjoyed it (or identified with it at least). I'm not sure 'enjoy' is the right word really as it just highlighted all that is wrong with my life! But, it was good to know that I'm not the only one having a hard time! xx

  2. I love that - sausages !

    Skype rocks for keeping in touch - its my big way to avoid having the MIL over too often, we Skype her on a Sunday night and she gets to talk to Toddlergirl ! Also was great when I was working away and couldn't get home to see her

    Off to read those posts now though

  3. Skype was a godsend when the Englishman and I were trying to keep our long distance relationship going (from NZ to Hampshire!). We spoke almost every day, sometimes for hours ;-p I think we spent more time together then than we do in married life now. He's away from home so often and can't Skype and I miss those days when he would ignore everything else whilst talking to me, albeit on a wee screen and not face to face.

  4. MT - thanks. Glad you liked it.

    MaM, yes Skype is wonderful. Not sure about the video call option for me personally, but it's invaluable for my boys.

    Vix, I remember those far distant days pre-Skype (pre -email even) when Husband and I used to correspond long distance - it does add a certain frisson, doesn't it?


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