Friday, 11 December 2009

And THAT is why I write blog posts and not books...

I had a post all planned for this morning about party bags. It was a wonderful post, if I do say so myself. I had written it in my head as I battled Boy #2 unwillingly into his clothes, explained to Boy #1 why - despite the fact that it was indeed a wonderful den he had created out of the sofa cushions - that he needed to tidy to it up before he went to school, gave them both breakfast, and arranged an estate agent's viewing for later this morning.

Then I sat down and tapped my Pulitzer-winning post out pdq in the space of a couple of minutes. It was short, concise, touched on the various forms of entertainement the Boys have been treated to in the 50 or so birthday parties I've accompanied them to during the last few years, self-deprecating, and funny (or at least, I like to think so).

I was just about to put in the last sentence.

The phone rang.

I answered it.

Wrong number.

And by the time I came back to the computer to hit save and publish, Boy #2 had switched it off.

Oh well. I suppose the world can live without my pronouncements on party bags, after all. And honestly? I think this makes a better post...


  1. Like you say, at least it wasn't the last sentence of your slaved-over novel!!! Highly annoying nonetheless. The party bag one can wait... x

  2. Clearly boys these days know far too much about computers for our good!

  3. There'll be more party bag moments! Are you sure your boy No. 2 hasn't come to live here for a bit? My Boy No. 2 is his action image...

  4. Oh no, I have to say though they learn computer skills far to early. The minis are too literate for my liking!!!

  5. Oh no! That is sort of thing my daughter would do. Do you think he was trying to tell you something?!!

  6. Still annoying. Can they not design computers with some sort of toddler proofing? Hope you'll find the energy to write it again, after such a cliffhanger!

  7. I should mention that Wordpress auto-saves your post every few minutes. Maybe it was invented with mummy-bloggers in mind.

    Doesn't help right now of course (Typical man's advice eh ...) - but something to bear in mind :)

  8. ha! you have carbon aware, energy saving offspring! well done!

  9. This seems to happen to me all the time - not the computer being switched off, but crashing mid-post. So I have to redo. Sometimes I think though that maybe it's better second time around!

  10. Oh yeah right. ANd the dog ate your homework too I bet! ;-]

  11. How annoying, we've got a laptop and two PCs and all three have a whacking great 'off' button which calls out 'press me' to my children. Could only be designed by a man not at home with little ones. The witty, clever, inspiring blog posts have all fallen victim to this and everyone has lost out ; )

  12. long has your new look been here? I'm a dork...and I've been all over the place of late. Wow. Love it.

    Anyhow, sorry about the deleted post, but yes, at least it wasn't a novel. That could have been bad!

  13. MT, one day there will be a slaved-over novel. One day...

    Vic, definitely true!

    Brit, there's something about 3 year olds...

    Mad House, I'm trying to be a luddite on it (computer? What's that boys? No no, go outside and play with wooden toys!) but am failing badly.

    RS - definitely. As in 'read me my Chuggington story, NOW!'

    Cartside - you weren't missing much, really...

    Thanks Lee - and to be honest, blogger saves fairly regularly too but I had just tweaked and all that final editing was what counted, it seems. And as for swapping to wordpress - well, maybe I will when I can find a way to hold onto my blogger address!

    Grit, I do - but only on this matter, sadly.

    Liz, true - but in this case, I have to be honest, I think probably it wouldn't have been.

    EPM, oh gosh! How did you know!

    Emily, ah yes, those lost masterpieces. What might have been, hey?

    Lisa, thanks (on the new look), and fat chance of it ever being a novel!

    I feel your pain
    But this was a great post!

  15. Yeah, children and computers - a horrible combination.

  16. I write my blogs in my head too, except when I go to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) it all just sounds wrong...I like a good party bag...would have liked that one!!

  17. i hope the punishment was severe....

  18. But you know what? If you're anything like me, the posts you have all planned out are never the best ones. It's always the completely off the cuff ones written on the spur of the moment that go down better. Still, I would have liked to read about party bags - a subject that really gets my goat.

  19. And a valuable lesson was learnt PM, ALWAYS hit the save button before moving even a fraction of an inch away from the computer!

    Are you going to try the party bag post again?

  20. You mean you didn't push the save button?

  21. Whoops!

    I've so far managed to avoid this fate....



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