Monday, 9 February 2009

When cyclones are a good thing...

So on Saturday I and 5 other bloggers were invited to the Dyson PR office in South Kensington to be introduced to the brave new world of Dyson 'machines'

Note: Not 'hoovers', obviously. And 'vacuum cleaner' is a bit cumbersome. So, 'machine' it is.

And it was a brave new world. To me, that is. Not actually so new in reality; the company is over 25 years old, and the cyclone technology that gave birth to the original Dyson vacuum cleaner is now out of patent, it's so long established.

I do so like to be on the cutting edge of technology.

We were given an insight into the wonderful world of Dyson (and I'm writing that in a totally non-ironic sense), and personally, I really liked what I saw. The company seems on the ball, they certainly had the right team giving us our guided tour - if you want to get a group of mums on-side then getting a fellow mother who also just happens to be head of acoustic engineering at Dyson to lead them through it is a most excellent plan - and it was a relaxed and enjoyable couple of hours.

All that remains is for the 'machine' they are giving me - to see if it stands up to the test of central London dirt and 2 small boys with a marked preference for incredibly small pieces of lego and lots of stickers and glitter - to arrive.

Watch this space for info on the next month's road-test...


  1. Well, if you ordered the Motorhead, be careful it doesn't 'machine' up your boys as well as the lego etc! Seriously, I love mine x

  2. My sister got the shock of her life when she used hers for the first time. "I never knew we were living in so much filth" were her exact words as I recall.

  3. That is so cool! I love new vacuums because they work so well. After a few years they really just hit a wall and you hum along too busy to really do anything about it until it starts leaving grease stains and well that just leads to another mess to clean and. Oh you've just caught me monologing about my own vacuum!

  4. So, if you're 'in' with the Dyson crowd, can you get one for close family too? And someone to come around and operate it please?

  5. DD, I consider myself warned...

    EPM - I can't wait!

    SB, something tells me you've been watching 'The Incredibles'...? And I have to say it was a fascinating presentation. Of course, once they started talking about prototypes, tooling, and 3d printing I was in heaven - I'm not sure they were expecting my questions about CAD programmes, but there you go. You can take the girl out of the marketing agency, but...

    FK, will keep you posted on whether it's all that... And I thought vacuuming was Big Al's job, anyway?

  6. We got our first Dyson about 2 weeks before my daughter was born so we could spring clean the grubby little rented house we were living in at the time. My goodness, what an eye-opener! It's funny that Hoover always assumed we wouldn't want to see all the stuff we'd "hoovered" up.

  7. The Motorhead was indeed a powerful monster. Can't wait to get mine and can't wait to blog about it soon. I've chosen the Animal...wonder what the cats'll think. :-D

  8. I wish I had a Dyson when I lived in La Jolla -- we had a whole beach in our house.

    I too am so glad to be on the cutting edge. Am I the only one who didn't know that "bagless" machines were available?

    PS--Thought your "on the ball" comment was funny.

  9. GBS, I'm interested; do you still have one now?

    AMA, aha, are you trying to fool me with your multiple online personalities? Haven't forgotten about the battery thing, btw - subject of my next post...

    Modern, I was wondering if anyone would pick up on the pun... You win a prize for being the person who did! (Guess what it is? A Dyson - and it's already on it's way. How amazing is that?)

  10. potty mummy, are you part of a viral advertising scheme? can i do one for beer, red wine, chocolate, hotel mini breaks and mercedes? no vacuum cleaners, washing up liquid or laundry powder, please.

  11. Would you like to borrow idiot dog who manages the shed enormous quantities of black and white hair that will weave itself into every textile it lands on ? Girlchild has found that ReadiBrek is also a killer test for hoovering - give it a go !!

  12. 'a fellow mother who also just happens to be head of acoustic engineering at Dyson...', yes, I would have a lot in common with her as well.

    Just think at parties she gets to say, 'Well actually I'm an acoustic engineer'...whereas I get to say, 'well, i'm not working at the moment'...

    Still, it's not all about me, and i am VERY envious of your Dyson tour! You didn't mention suckability, just how much of a good suck does your dyson give? And can it blow as well? ;-)

  13. Grit, will see what I can do. Would you like me to throw the Chippendales in there as well? No?

    TR, well, you know, I would LOVE an Idiot Dog, but... (think, PM, think!) truth be told, am too lazy to walk one...

    Pig, you jest but actually this woman was totally down to earth and definitely one of us. She just also happened to have one of the coolest job titles I ever head in my life... As for suck and blow, will get back to you...


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