Saturday, 14 February 2009

Reality Bites

So following yesterday's post, Valentine's Day went off much as expected. Boy #1 brought home a heart door-hanger for Husband and I, which he was unable to hold on to until this morning due to sheer excitement. Instead, he handed it over as we got out of the car after I picked him up from school yesterday afternoon.

I then had the following skype message conversation with Husband, who was on his way back from Russia...

Husband: made it to the airport

Me: Fabulous. And checked in as well?

Husband: yep

Me: Boy #1 has made us both a Valentine's door hanger. Not that you need a reminder of tomorrow's date, but there it is... x

Husband: surely you know i love you

Me: Of course I do. So much that you haven't forgotten Valentine's Day yet.

Husband: its just that there is something else to celebrate around this time as well (it's my birthday tomorrow)

Me: And?

Husband: if it is dry do you want to go out and do something on sunday?

Me: Dodge that issue...

Then this morning, cards were exchanged, Boy #1's door hanger was admired, and as far as I was concerned, that was it. Until the doorbell rang at 9.00am and a delivery man stood there with a bunch of flowers. For me. I was, of course, still shamefully in my dressing gown. The delivery man took one look at me and the Boys rattling round my ankles, and double-checked the address. If he had said it out loud; "These are for her?" the message couldn't have been any clearer. I swallowed my pride, snatched the flowers before he could change his mind, slammed the door, and raced through to thank Husband for the unexpected gift.

Except, they weren't from him. Priceless.

If you want to confuse your husband - even if it's only for the 20 seconds it takes you to find and rip open the message card - get yourself a girlfriend who, guilt-ridden at having forgotten to send you a birthday card, says it with flowers instead - only a day early. On Valentines Day...

(Sarah - I owe you one!)

PS: If you're interested in hearing about it, my 'adventures with vacuuming' have been updated here...


  1. Don't suppose Sarah could send me a bunch too? Sniff ....

  2. classic. did you thank him for his non present? doesnt he now suspect the milkman? this could backfire..!

  3. I should have a girlfriend send me a bunch of flowers. Why don't all of us girlfriends send each other flowers? It will be a thoughtful thing to do and nobody will be disappointed on Valentine's Day.

    But really, too much is being made out of this day and our expectations are too high. It's even gotten to the point where I'm expecting a Valentine in the mail and really, who is going to send me one? Let's get serious here. I'm a single woman with no love interests. Duh!!!

  4. Brilliant! Am loving the sound of the door hanger too, Mac bought me home a heart doorstep yesterday (big stone with handpainted "heart" on it) that David said looked more like a cauliflower floret!

  5. Oh I got all excited and thought you had a secret admirer.

    Still, flowers are flowers.

  6. haha - love it!! I got chocs, champagne and a gift.. when I was shocked he told me he always remembers - selective memory I call it!!!

  7. ps happy birthday for tomorrow... for once I have sent a card, hope it has arrived.

  8. Priceless!

    No flowers for me. But I did have oysters (hotel buffet) - and I'm sure it isn't sad to be sitting in a restaurant surrounded by loved up couples necking champagne.

    At least the hotel is free for me! (and the oysters were yummy!)

  9. Perfect timing! I didn't get flowers this year - just a card, but at least it came from Brooklyn....

  10. DD, only if you bribe her with childcare offers...

    Screamish, we have no milkman. I'm off the hook.

    Irene, great idea!

    NH Mum; and I assume the door stop went in the specially crafted glassfronted display cabinet?

    Iota - like I have time for a secret admirer...

    Sam, are we talking about the same husband who was recently stung by a bee? Really? Respect! And thanks for the hilarious card, I loved it.

    Mud, how were the elephants?

    SB, and next year maybe the flowers will even be from Husband! (I can dream, can't I?)

    NVG, the Doctor and his preplanning put all our men to shame.

  11. Ah roses...Haven't gotten any of those in awhile. Mainly because our cat eats them and then throws up on the carpet lately. Not exactly romantic. Good thing the husband didn't think you had a boyfriend or something. :-)


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