Sunday, 15 February 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

Well, here I am. Thirty-twelve. Oh, alright then, 42.

Sorry, you didn't hear that?

42. That's FOURTY TWO in old money.

Am I downcast? Well, perhaps a little.

Not because I feel particularly old, I don't. I mean, when Madonna is practically flashing her bits for Louis Vuitton at 50, Jerry Hall has just been signed to... do something or other, and Demi Moore is still keeping Ashton interested, well, what's 42? Nothing. Nada. I am a mere slip of a girl, in fact. Though, wouldn't it be nice if the pressure to look fantastic - not that I do, you understand, not like them - eased up just a little? I mean, if Madge can keep it all toned and taut at 103 (or whatever), letting it all hang out is not quite the option it used to be, is it? But no, that fact might make me a little disgruntled on my way to the gym, but not downcast.

Perhaps, then, it's because I feel more than a little overstuffed. Sis and I were rolling around on the sofa earlier on, bemoaning the lack of carpet in our flat . A nice bit of Axeminster would have made lying prone on the floor after eating too much cake far more comfortable.

I probably shouldn't have eaten all the cake I have today, really. Thankyou Footballer's Knees, it was (note the 'was') sinfully delicious . Still, it's only your birthday once a year, right? Unless you're the Queen. Then you get two birthdays. And I'm queen of this house, so two it is.

And then of course there are my son's birthdays. I gave birth to them (the clue's in the name, 'birth-day'), so dammit, I deserve cake on their special day. I never got why the children get the presents and not the mums; we did - and do - the hard work, right? So that's 4 birthdays.

And then of course there's Husband's birthday. I made the cake (and the lunch, dinner, bed, and the home), so obviously I get to eat it too. (Is anyone keeping a count on this? We're up to 5...).

Then of course there are all the other birthday's that don't get celebrated in quite the same way. The date I met Husband. The date we first kissed. The date we - well, you get the point. The date we got married. What you do you mean, these are called 'anniversaries'? They certainly call for patisserie and baked goods as far as I'm concerned. So, I guess that's around 9.

And as Christmas, Easter and Halloween all demand good cake-age, let's round it up to 12 for good measure .

So, one birthday a month - that sounds good to me.

Actually, I just worked it out. It's not the excess cake. The reason I'm feeling a tad downcast is that in all my maaaaany maaaaany years of multiple birthdays, one thing hasn't changed.

I may be 42, but I still don't have the willpower to not eat all 12 months birthdays' ration of cake in one day.


  1. Happy Birthday Potty Mummy!
    You deserve all the cake you can eat. Enjoy!

  2. So Marie-Antoinette had something right then: "Let them eat cake!"

    Happy Birthday PM!

  3. A 'good' day then! I don't know why you worry, if you can drag yourself to the Gym and keep at least a semblance of your girlish figure even though you eat cake, you are doing brilliantly. And you are only 42! I will be having my Heinz (think about it!) birthday later this year and have no idea where the years went but I'm sure I enjoyed them ... or could that be an early stage of Oldtimers Disease ... ?

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Remember, you are only as old as you feel. What? You say you feel 50....ummm......

    Well, that saying just sucks then doesn't it? some more cake and drink some wine. You'll be fine.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy birthday! xxx

  6. happy birthday! Life is too short not to eat cake. Cake is justified in almost any situation (even a weight watchers meeting if it was a 'skinny' version - even though we all know that 'skinny' cakes are still about a billion times more fattening than say a carrot).

    I think cake is well justified on all the occasions you mention and also any other day one feels emotionally needy (for me that is at least 5 days per month).
    For all the other days, there are biscuits..

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! And there is no reason I can think of why you can't eat cake every day. None whatsoever. Nope. And I shall join you.

  9. PM - you seemed quite restrained with your portion control when cutting the second piece of cake - did it all go to pot(ty) after we'd left?

  10. Happy belated birthday! If you can't eat cake on your birthday, when can you? Go for it...

  11. happy birthday! and btw - you look amazing for 42...even with the remnants of cake crumbs on your chin. xx

  12. Thanks all for your birthday wishes! I am now ignoring the date, but still eating the cake...

  13. Happy Birthday, PM. You are still young compared to me. You can have your cake and eat it too and work it off at the gym, It is when you get past 50 when that becomes troublesome. It doesn't work that well anymore. When you get older, you naturally gain weight. The pounds want to stick to you. They feel comfortable there. What sort of cake did you have, by the way?

  14. Happy birthday Potty.

    You don't look 42.

    Here's to another 42 years of more cake!

    BM xx

  15. Ahhh cake just what birthdays were invented for - many happy returns!
    And as for being 42 wasn't that the answer to the whole question of the universe??

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  17. Happy Birthday Potty Mummy! Stay sweet never change.

  18. According to Douglas Adams (author of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything so I'd say it's a pretty good birthday Potty Mummy!
    Hope you had a really good one.

  19. Happy belated birthday. Cake is good. Lots of cake is good. And even too much cake is good. Apparently it helps iron out the wrinkles. 42 certainly don't look it :-D

  20. Belated Happy Birthday! Don't worry about the cake, you'll work it all off this week entertaining the kids for half term! ;)

  21. Oooooohh, Potty, you SO do not look 42! I am really quite shocked, I thought you were latish thirties max. I am quite jealous now and shall rush off to Boots for more of their Protect and Survive cream xx

  22. Hope it was fabulous Potty. Sorry I'm late. And cake is for life, not just for birthdays goddamit.


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