The post that never was

>> Monday, 23 February 2009

I had plans for this post. Big plans. But I have been laid low by some attractive d&v bug that my boys passed on to me and which chose today to strike, so sorry, nothing to say.

Other than; I knew I was sick when I didn't fancy my usual 11.00am diet coke, and I had better lose a couple of pounds from this...


Titian red 23 February 2009 at 22:45  

Oooooh many commiserations, but as you say, an assistance in weight loss and so much cheaper than plastic surgery. Be honest the people you don't want to see when you have d&v are the same ones you wouldn't want around after surgery anyway.
ps - bet you always told the boys to share !

Iota 24 February 2009 at 03:01  

Oh bad luck. I suppose it goes with working on a farm - all those animal germs.

Feel better soon.

sharon 24 February 2009 at 04:19  

What generous children you have! Unfortunately any weight loss will only be fluid so don't get too excited if the scales show a difference pre- and post-lurgy. Hope you feel better soon.

Footballers Knees 24 February 2009 at 08:09  

PM, I hope you feel better soon and are getting plnty of rest. I'm sure the husband has everything in hand.

What am I saying?

nappy valley girl 24 February 2009 at 09:08  

Hope you get well soon, PM. (At least you won't have to be farmer's wife for a while!)

The Finely Tuned Woman 24 February 2009 at 10:13  

Get better soon, PM. I hope there is someone there to take care of you and the rug rats. Here is wishing you loose 10 lbs.

Bush Mummy 24 February 2009 at 10:14  

You poor thing. Hope it is over by now. Ginger beer really good for sickness.


Anonymous,  24 February 2009 at 11:41  

Poor you!

Hope it isn't foot & mouth?

Potty Mummy 24 February 2009 at 20:00  

Thanks you all for your kind thoughts... am feeling much better though I am of course milking it and have told Husband HE is cooking dinner tonight...

Iota 25 February 2009 at 04:45  

Milking it? Oh my goodness. You really took that farming thing seriously. You bought a cow?

Jo Beaufoix 25 February 2009 at 23:30  

Oh, hope you are better now. xoxoxo

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