Sunday, 14 September 2008

Top Tip...

....NEVER drink wantonly, and to excess, red wine from a screw-cap bottle.

I deserve my punishment.

More about family weddings, Eurotunnel, breakdowns on Belgian motorways at 11pm, driving rain, nut allergies, and Eurotunnel (again - or is that 'never again'?) soon, I promise.

But for now, I have to go and moan quietly somewhere dark and not too far from the loo...


  1. whilst bearing in mind Monday's first activity of the week - 'what did you do this weekend?'... My nephew told his class "we went to a party and mummy spent the next day talking to the toilet" have been warned! t.x

  2. funny how we never grow up and learn to drink sensibly!
    my last was hong kong jan. toy fair 2007. can you think of a better time to drink in excess then with toy designers and buyers till 3am with meetings the next day?

  3. I always think I will learn, and I never generally takes about 3 weeks to forget before it happens again.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Uh oh. Did you also have a visit from the Tongue Monster who comes in the middle of the night and lays a carpet on your tongue and the roof of your mouth?

  5. Sending sympathetic vibes your way! Now need to find tim eot catch up with the rest of your blog....

  6. Oh dear! If it makes you feel any better, or less foolish, I bent over yesterday to check the pork roast in the oven - and coldn't get back up. I can now stand perfectly straight but don't ask me to do anything else. I even have to lean against a wall or door when I sneeze.

  7. Oh dear, it does sound like that tunnel didn't agree with you. Maybe you should go by ferry the next time. No, then you would still be able to over indulge. Better not go over to the continent anymore if that's what it does to you. Those screw top wines are sneaky, they look innocent like lemonade, but, oh boy, once you've had one of them! Go hug the toilet, quickly.

  8. Oh dear....that's rough!

    Please don't tell me you sang 'Midnight at the oasis' as well....

  9. You're right, the screw cap lets you open it far too quickly. The cork slows you down so no hangover. Genius. MH

  10. KP, so THAT's why the teacher looked at me strangely today...

    Iota - yes, it was not good.

    SB, you lucky thing. not with the meetings next day, I agree, but still, it sounds great (and an awfully long time ago for me!)

    VG, feeling much better today thankyou, though still not 100%, 3 days later. Serves me right.

    Tara - you mean it isn't just me that the monster visits?

    Mud, personally would be far more interested to hear how it's going with your mystery man!

    EPM - ow, ow, OW. I can recommend a great chiropractor. Only problem is that he's in London...

    Irene, ferry, yeeesss. When I get round to posting about it you will see that the only form of transport we didn't end up using this weekend was the plane...

    Aims, how did you know that is one of my favourite songs? Sadly, however, the music at the party wasn't up to that standard, so the danger passed.

    MH - I knew there had to be a reason corks are better. Even plastic ones...


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