Friday 20 March 2015

'Tales from the Land of the Lost... Property' continued...

You know how sometimes bloggers use a little poetic licence when writing their posts?  I have to admit that the post I wrote yesterday - about Boy #2 losing his coat - was actually about an incident that happened the day before.  So sue me.

What I'm writing about now, though, happened this morning - honest, guv.

So, in an effort to communicate to Boy #2 how much of a pain in the backside losing his coat is, I have made him come with me to the Lost & Found cupboards at school 3 times since he mislaid it.  We went there yesterday morning.  We went there yesterday afternoon.  And we went there again this morning.

No sign of it - the coat is still lost in the space-time continuum.  But I figured that if nothing else, as a result of the hassle of going backwards and forwards to L&F, he would take better care of his belongings from now on.

This morning, however, after another fruitless expedition to the cupboards, I walked him to his class.  We were almost at the door, when THIS happened.

Me: "Have a good day darling.  See you later..."

Boy #2: "Bye Mum!"

Me (with a sinking feeling):  "Wait.  Where are your hat and gloves?"

Boy #2 looked at me with a dismayed expression.  "Um.  I left them at the Lost & Found?"

Well.  That lesson in taking responsibility for his possessions really worked, then...


  1. Hi there! I'm back in blogland, but lost all my blogs because Google ate them. Iota to the rescue, though, so now all is well.
    I have given up on the whole thing, especially hats and gloves. I buy a (small) stack each year in the sales, and then when they've lost all of them, they get no more until the next year. I suppose that would be harder in Russia.

  2. At least the hat and gloves have avoided the room of requirement? Small silver lining?

  3. Losing things while at Lost & Found is a dying art....

  4. I had this with one of my boys and his swimming trunks - seemed to have been the last straw.....


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