Wednesday 9 October 2013

Hoist by my own petard...

You want to know what's galling?

When you make the following statement to your 7 year old son whilst trying to help him with his homework; "I am 46 years old, Boy #2.  I think I know how to answer questions on using a ruler.  Please try it my way - if it's wrong, I will send your teacher an email to explain it was my fault."

And then, the next day, having to write said email.



  1. That's quite sad... 46 and still can't use a ruler...

  2. I know Iota, shocking (tempting as it is, I won't go into the reasons for the confusion - but essentially I was trying to be too clever...).

  3. Oh dear...but giggling. Can just imagine that happening here. The number of times I've said, if the teacher complains, tell her it was Mummy's fault. Not helped by the fact that maths seems to be done in a completely different way now from when we were kids....

  4. I, on the other hand (she says muggy) was able to sort out why my ten year old was getting into difficulty with his long multiplication problems. Not an arithmetic problem at all, but a simple matter of giving him a ditty to remember the order of things.


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