Thursday, 15 August 2013

*Clears throat, coughs nervously...*

My blog voice has gone all scratchy from lack of use.  So I will keep it brief, because whilst once I may have thought hoarse voices sexy, now I realise it simply sounds as if you haven't spoken for a while.

Here are a few interesting facts I picked up along the way during my summer hiatus...

  • My sons are growing up, up and away.  Scary but true.  Time to start making good on all those plans for when they don't need me as much, because that day is bearing down on me like an unstoppable train.   (See Talk About York's wonderful post on this very subject here. Warning: tears may follow).
  • It appears that at the grand old age of 46 I am finally grown up enough to wear a bikini without worrying about the wobbly bits.  And I cannot believe that during my 20's, when I had the figure to flaunt, I sweltered in one pieces.  What the hell was I thinking?
  • White wine does not agree with me.  I agree with it, oh yes, but it appears to dislike me intensely. The signs have been there for a while, but I have to say that I ignored them, hoping the situation would improve and the bloating and cramps that followed an evening spent drinking it were just a passing thing.  Sadly, white wine felt differently.  Perhaps it was the slightly higher than normal consumption (cough) over 2 weeks in France, but whatever, it took to kicking me in the stomach if I drank more than 1 glass. Hey ho.  Red it is from now on, then.
  • I am capable of leaving my laptop closed for days on end.  Who knew?
  • Whisper it, but I didn't actually miss blogging as much as I expected to...


  1. Oh hello! Ditto, I could say.
    Plus I *have* actually lost my voice (now recovering) as came down with bout of laryngitis last week :-(

    LCM x

  2. your laptop closes - mmmm, i wonder if mine does too ;) hope the summer was kinder to you than the wine

  3. I like your blog and loved it on

  4. Ooh thank you for the link and kind words. And yes, I have a similar wine problem.

    Wine and I are like feisty latina lovers. We consume each other with passion but are left feeling awful once the affair passes. Mainly it gives me heart palpitations and disturbs my sleep but somehow I keep falling back into its arms....

  5. Nice to have you back! Definitely a good thing to keep one's laptop closed for a while.

  6. Experiencing a blogging freeze too. Busy with school holidays and juggling my kids and earning real money for a change. Not sure which direction to take it my blog in either. I do miss reading your posts x

  7. I still have a good relationship with white wine, but I can't manage red wine.

  8. I'm just coming off an entire month of radio silence, so you're clearly doing better than I am.
    Having just sent #1 off to year #3 of university, I've already gone through that first horrible wrench and am deeply thankful that #2 is still here for a bit longer. On the other hand, MrL and I -after many years of intense parenting and school involvement - are enjoying finding ourselves again and remembering why it is that we liked each other so much in the first place. I can also vouch for the fact that young adults - at least so far - are absolutely delightful. They are potty-trained, civilized, have excellent hygiene (especially after they connect it to the likelihood of success on the romantic playing field,)can entertain themselves, have wonderful senses of humor, and can watch all the same movies and TV show that you like without worrying about mature content. Sticky hands and spontaneous hugs will definitely be missed, but you will find that the young people you've raised will be a great delight. There's a fantastic moment in parenting when you think about your own offspring, "I would choose you for a friend, even if you weren't my own child." -it doesn't get any better than that.
    (by the way, red and white don't agree with me much these days - if I don't have burning cheeks, I'm getting a headache. I've solved the problem by switching to gin.)
    Glad you're back.


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