Sunday, 14 July 2013

Gone fishing? I should be so lucky...

It's the holiday season.  Well, when I say 'holiday' what I actually mean is the Expat Summer Shuffle which, rather than time lying on a beach with a pina-colada to-hand as you wade through the latest paperback block-buster, is in fact solo-parenting time spent moving from one long-suffering family member or friend to the next, packing, unpacking, repacking, buying extra suitcases to contain the supplies of school uniform and clothes for the kids that you've bought along the way in the UK sales, and of course taking any opportunity you can to squeeze in the odd load of laundry when possible.

It's great to catch up with our nearest and dearest, but this lifestyle is not conducive to writing long posts - or, it seems, looking back on the last week or so on The Potty Diaries, any posts - so please bear with me for the moment whilst the Potski familiski makes their summer progress through Northern Europe.

On the plus side, I have come up with a killer concept for my next novel.  Never mind that I have yet to finish my first, or indeed that the 60K words I have already written require some fairly extensive editing; at least I know what I'm going to be doing next.

You know.  In my spare time...


  1. I will have an extra piña colada for you while I am on my beach.....and then I will have more for you when I cruise the Mediterranean. You are working hard enough for both of us, so I will play hard....for the both of us :-). Xoxo

  2. I remember loving the holidays, travelling between rellies, but finding them quite hard work too.

  3. Holidays aren't what they used to be when it was my mother organising them rather than me!

  4. Ah, have fun Potskis! And yes, spare time. I have a vague, gone.

  5. Sorry didn't catch up more at Britmums.....can't believe you don't have time to write your award winning novel whilst camping...Lx


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