Thursday 17 December 2009

Yesterday's definition of 'Organisation'...

...was remembering that your younger son has a nativity play today, and that you have to deliver him to nursery complete with a dressing gown and a tea-towel for him to wear on his head so he can be a shepherd. (Good to know nothing changes, isn't it?)

Today's definition of 'Smug'... the feeling you have as you walk out of the door in the morning having actually remembered to take said dressing gown with you.

Today's definition of 'Apprehension'... what you feel on the school run when your son states categorically that he will NOT be wearing his costume in the nativity.

Today's definition of 'Relief'... when you realise that this is his nursery teacher's problem, not yours.

Today's definition of 'Just In Time Management'... arriving at nursery to discover that the performance you had thought was scheduled for 10.00am is actually at 9.00.

Today's definition of 'Resignation'... watching all the children assemble in their respective costumes and realising that amongst the host of assorted shepherds, kings and angels, the little refusenik in the red sweatshirt is your son.

And today's definition of 'Confusion'...

... is wondering who the hell the red sweatshirt actually belongs to, because you've never seen it before.

Boy #2 never fails to deliver, does he?


  1. Son1 of mine refused for years to even take part, much less get into costume. We finally seem to have cracked that.

    Son2 also refused to get into costume but somehow the pre-school staff convinced him. The MOST serious, scowling shepherd you've ever seen. Obviously shepherding is a VERY serious job

  2. My daughter has her pre-school party today - she wanted to go as the devil. Can you imagine explaining that to her teachers!

  3. That explains a mystery.

    Last year, my son had to dress as an elf. Choice of red, white or green top. To cut a very long story short, his red top got lost.

    It's turned up at your son's nursery. It was for age 6/7, so I expect it was a bit big, but I'm glad it found a use.

  4. Been there. Done that. Right down to the new top - although ours was a brown colour...

    Love Boy No.2. He knows his own mind doesn't he!

  5. maybe it was a disguise and he thought no-one would recognise him?

  6. I love that he ended up wearing a sweatshirt you'd never seen ... but how was the play !!

  7. It's all done to keep us on our toes!

  8. i think the red sweatshirt is symbolic. He knows he's going to live in the land of the reds. Up the hammer and sickle!

  9. I love boy #2. He has a mind of his own and does not want to be a sissy shepherd with a tea towel on his head. Can you blame him? I would have refused too.

  10. love the sweatshirt.. i am continuously brining munchkin home from nursery wearing clothes i have never seen before. i keep meaning to take them back to nursery to say... err... not sure if this is my munchkin's outfit. Perhaps next time I should check that the munchkin I am brining home is actually my child.. hence would explain the strange clothing if I am infact caring for some other strangers.... just kidding... really

  11. Yep, been there, done that with my boy #2. Some things really don't change ;-)

  12. I have the same definition as yours for Apprehension and Relief and when I arrived he was dressed as a sheep but refusing to take part in the play. And there was nothing to change his mind!

  13. HOM, shepherding is serious, definitely. Think of the poor pay, long hours and risks of attack by wolves...

    Tara, I would love to know what she DID go as?

    Iota, so THAT's where it came from. I have to say, it was looking a bit grubby...

    Brit, he most certainly does. (husband thought it was hilarious, of course).

    Heather, could have been. Or perhaps he's just stubborn.

    MAM - pretty much what you would expect. Plus, because the only place big enough was to do it was outside, also very very chilly!

    EPM, yes; complancy is not a feeling I'm familiar with these days.

    Pig, I love that my sons are so colour co-ordinated with their surroundings...

    Irene, Husband thought the same way. And I thought that was a male thing - maybe it's just Dutch?

    Nina, this thought is only just occurring to you now?

    Sharon, it's a Christmas tradition, isn't it?

    PHM, well, Boy #2 did at least participate so it's swings and roundabouts I guess!

  14. Inspired post! You never fail to make me laugh x

  15. I love it when you can hand them over at school and know you have no responsibility. Nothing quite like it.

    At least the red sweater was a festive colour, those teachers are so well prepared!


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