Tuesday 14 July 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

Boy #1 and I went out to do a spot of shopping today. On leaving the supermarket, he kept glancing in a certain direction. Interested, I followed his gaze, to where a very attractive and polished blonde teenage lovely was sitting on a step, clearly waiting for her friends.

We were rushing to beat the rain, but as we neared this gazelle-like creature, all long legs, silky straightened hair and short skirts (the hussy), my son's pace slowed to a crawl.

I tried to bustle him on, but it wasn't working.

He stopped as we got level with her. Oh god, I thought. What the hell's he going to say? Is he going to try and chat her up? Ask her for her phone number? (You're laughing, I expect, and I know he's only 5 years old, but he's always had a thing for blondes, the traitor).

I needn't have worried.

"Aaaaah," he said, sympathetically, as he looked down at her sitting on the step outside Waitrose. "You poor thing. Don't you have a home?"


  1. Why do these heartstopping moments always always seem to happen at the supermarket when you are at your most vulnerable?
    I heard a little girl say to her mum (very loudly) in Sainsbug's recently: "I'd never wear anything like her mummy because I know you think it looks cheap."
    I felt every ounce of that poor woman's pain!

  2. How lovely that he was concerned about her!
    Tara's comment reminds me of what the next door neighbour's daughter repeated about her mum's choice of outfit for my first wedding. The daughter said to my mum that her mum was worried she would outshine the mother of the bride with her wonderful outfit!
    I hope that made sense, I'm quite tired!

  3. Did he put his hand in his pocket, and dig out a bright shiny farthing for her.

  4. Hmmmm, just as long as he doesn't want to take the next gorgeous blonde waif home with you! Award for you chez moi

  5. That's still a line.

    It's subtle for 'how are we fixed'.

  6. I forget that Boy#1 is only 5 years old and just a little mite himself with surprising thoughts and sayings. He's just a wee little fellow who cares about his fellow human beings a great deal. What a sweetheart.

  7. Tara, spot on - always when we're at our most vulnerable. How do they know?

    SC, it did, and was a useful lesson for all of us about speaking our minds in front of small children (I'm assuming she WAS a small child?)

    Iota, if he had had one, he would have...

    DD, it's just a matter of time. And thanks!

    DF - not sure that the blonde thought so, though.

    SPD, I bow to your superior bloke knowledge... (Are men really capable for subtle, though?)

    Irene, he is and does, and thank god for it.

  8. It won't be long before your kitchen is full of silky teenage lovelies and Boy 1 is trying out all his best lines on them!

    Best start practicing now, he's very sensible.

  9. He'll be okay for girlfriends later on if he's that kind at this age. My 13 year old was found chatting up a girl (who quickly moved on, being 16 and thinking he was the same age) at the No Doubt concert on Saturday. I asked him how that came about and he said he just saw her sitting on her own and went up and asked if she was okay. Nice one.

  10. Mud, I know it. The hussies...

    EPM, and do I take it you were at the concert with him? And, I'm sure, in a jumpsuit...?

  11. Glad I didn't jump forward to read the ending. That was a good laugh!!!

  12. Oh that is hilarious! Love it! Kids are just so funny. :-)

  13. Awww! That's lovely. What a sweetie!

  14. What sweet story. He sounds like a little darling. I'm stumbling this story as I grin from ear to ear.


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