Friday 6 June 2008

The Best Things About...

... coming home.

1. No mouse family waiting to greet us as we opened the front door. Not sure if it / they have gone for good, but there has been no sign since we got back. Which is, I must say, a great relief. I had imagined them installing new locks, moving the furniture around, and hanging pictures of great aunt Maude whilst we were away.

2. An almost empty fridge. We're normally stocked-up to the max in this department, catering for almost every eventuality, be it beans on toast for the boys and their friends, or a visit from the Archbishop of Canterbury for high tea, but it's actually quite liberating to open the door and see acres of gleaming empty space. And it's a cast-iron excuse to get a take-away.

3. The Great British Summer has finally turned up. Kensington's garden squares are lush, green, and bursting with buds and bird song. I almost didn't mind getting dew on my Campers when I took the boys out for a kick-about first thing this morning... Almost.

4. Coming back to a car that had been broken into. No, hear me out here. Every cloud has a silver lining - and the consequent one in this case was that we needed to call the AA out to charge the battery, as the vandals who tried to rip out the radio managed to disconnect some cable so that when I turned the engine on this morning, it had less life in it than my hair after a 16 hour flight. Why was this a good thing? Well, Husband decided to challenge my assumption that pouring water directly over a car engine (follow this link for more info if you want to know what on earth I'm talking about) is a Bad Thing. He took the opportunity to ask the AA man - in my presence - to verify his claim that the subsequent problems with the spark plugs had nothing to do with the Water in the Engine Incident (as it will now be known). Guess who was right?

I hate to gloat, but... RESULT.

I'm off now to try and get some sleep before the Boys wake up at 3am demanding cereal with menaces. Needless to say, jet lag is not one of the best things about coming home...


  1. Good for you re: the car! Darling husband and I had great discussion about which type of coffee goes in which type of cup. After about twenty minutes of this...when I finally did get a cup of coffee I ended up with filter coffee in an espresso cup. Men know better??!!?...QED!

  2. Glad you are back and seeing the silver linings.

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  4. Am new to blogging but have been inspired by many blogs including yours. Glad you enjoyed OZ.

  5. I have nothing but admiration for you doing a 16 hour flight with little kids, even if you did have another adult along. I'm used to doing the 8 hour TransAtlantic flight and that's enough.

  6. In agreement with expatmom, having experience 16 hour flights by myself to Asia, I find it miraculous that you survived and lived to happily write about it - lets just say this is an inspiration, someday I will manage to take husband to Asia with kids in tow.

  7. You're back!! I feel like Snoopy doing his happy dance!! Hooray!!

    Girl - you always see the good in everything and everyone - so your post didn't surprise me in the least.

    However - I have to say I was a tad - and I'm saying - a tad - disappointed there wasn't a pic of Aunt Maude hanging down by the baseboards. Dammit! Imagine the fun the children could have had throwing darts at it or something a little less dangerous perhaps.

  8. Hi Hadriana, of course they do... of course they do...

    Ped, it's the only way!

    Hi Lindsay, thanks for the visit and the positive feedback, and good luck with the blog!

    EPM - air miles. And upgrade vouchers. That's all I'm saying...

    Hi SB - I can recommend it. Though I have to admit, not sure we would have done it if that 16 hour flight had been economy...

    Hello Aims, how lovely, thankyou! And would probably have substituted rubber balls for the darts, but you bet that something would have been thrown if the evidence had been there...

    Grit, thanks. And now I just have to find something else to look forward to!

  9. Yes men and cars...And lots of other things - they are always right!Until proven wrong...That's the most important bit. Am laughing my way through your blog - I'll be back!

  10. Hi Vika, thanks for the visit, and glad it's making you laugh!


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