Wednesday 12 December 2007

Oh no, he isn't...

Boy #1 went to the pantomime with his nursery yesterday. A great time was had by all, it seems. So great, in fact, that he now refuses to answer to his given name.

Boy#1 has become 'Prince Charming'.

Along with the other 7 boys in his class, I'm told. This could get confusing at circle time...

(And of course, Boy #2 is Buttons.)

Stop the madness! (I need another mince pie...)


  1. Buttons? Buttons? Why Buttons?

    (I'm feeling like a dolt here)

  2. Oh no you don't!(bellowed in true pantomime stylie)

    Mya x

  3. Hi Aims, probably the Cinderella panto works differently over there, but here she has a devoted side-kick called Buttons, a kind of page-come-kitchen boy, who looks out for her and tries to save her from the worst of the ugly sister's excesses. Or something like that.

    In actual fact, he's usually the only character with any brains on the stage. So I suppose Boy #2 should see it as a compliment...

    But you're not a dolt. Why should you know anything about British panto? Can't say I know anything about Canadian shows...

    Mya, OH YES I DO! And look out...BEHIND YOU! (But only if you come between me and a mince pie...)

  4. That's so funny. I love it when little kids imaginations run away with them. It's one of the things I miss now that my kids are getting older.

  5. Hi Kaycie, thanks for the visit. I shouldn't think Price Charming will last too long: one look at the Crocodile Hunter DVD my sis has bought him for Christmas and Boy #1 will be back to being Steve Irwin... So I guess I should enjoy the relative calm with no monster-croc wrestling whilst it lasts...

  6. I'm behind but catching up. Well, well,'re having quite the well-rounded holiday experience,aren't you?

    Kilts and holiday shows and badly added bills. Oh my. You've just gotta love Christmas with kids.

  7. He's beHIND YOU! (also bellowed in panto style)

  8. Hi RC, you're so right; think this is the first Christmas when both the kids are conscious of what's going on so it's my first experience of a 'real' Christmas as a mum. Fun, but knackering...

    Hi Pig, it's all very well, all these panto retorts from you and Mya, but what I want to know is, where's my fairy godmother, huh?


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