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>> Wednesday, 16 January 2013

This post is for Week 126 of Tara's Photo Gallery, and the theme today is 'New'.  Click here to see the other entries.

I'm not going to lie to you.  One of the best things about visiting the UK at Christmas (or indeed, the UK at any time of year) are the shopping opportunities.  Brand names and products that would cost a fortune here are often more affordable back home even if you buy them in big city stores, and if your parents happen to live close to an outlet village, as mine do, the savings are definitely worth making.

Since we arrived in Russia, every year I've treated myself to at least one pair of new boots.  We spend at least 5 months of the year trekking through snow and slush, you see - so the foot wear you might be able to get away with back home simply doesn't cut it here. Those cute kitten heels?  Useless.  The funky bowling shoes from Camper?  Forget it.  The stilettos that magically make you lose ten pounds and smooth out all the lumps on your butt?  In your dreams.  (Unless you're a Russian woman of course; they apparently have special classes in how to glide in sky high heels across any surface before they leave kindergarten).  The problem, of course, is finding something that does the job - that is, keeps your feet warm & dry, has no heel and a decent tread to cope with the icy pavements - but which also doesn't look as if you're off to a building site*.

Back in 2011, I found the perfect pair in the outlet village close to my parents, brought them in brown and whilst I didn't wear them to death, they were a stalwart standby.  They held up well, so when I saw the same pair this year - in black, and at an ever better price - I decided to invest in them.  I'm delighted with them.  But there's just one problem.  It doesn't do to get too attached to your pristine outerwear in Moscow because this city is filthy in the winter.  No matter how much you brush and clean your boots, they are usually  covered with dirt again within 5 metres of leaving the house.

For example.

I've had these for less than 18 days.  Do they still look 'new' to you?

Me neither.

*Not a bad look in itself, but not to be used every day...


The Expatresse 16 January 2013 at 09:28  

That's why the Russians are so obsessed with cleaning their shoes--they do it constantly.

Trish Burgess 16 January 2013 at 13:17  

I'm not very fastidious with my shoes and boots but thankfully my husband is so I shove them in his direction when he's doing a bit of polishing.

Like these a lot!

Clare Taylor 16 January 2013 at 18:11  

Expatresse, I know. And damn - it makes those of who don't look VERY shabby.

Iota, me too - mucky or not.

Trish, does your husband take on boots from outside (moscow-based) parties?

Metropolitan Mum 16 January 2013 at 21:53  

Love the boots! I remember that problem from living in Munich for almost 10 years. That, and leaving the house wearing tights underneath jeans. Makes you feel like a sausage...

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