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>> Friday, 11 January 2013

Yesterday, Husband and I decided to expose the Boys to a little local culture.  We drove approx 50km to the beautiful monastery at Istra - built in the 17th century by a Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch who decided to prove to the world that the New Jerusalem was in Russia - to take a look for ourselves.  Click here for Wikipedia's entry on it.  

It's a shame that we didn't - check out Wikipedia, that is - because instead of beautiful architecture, this is what was waiting for us when we arrived there in -12degC with two small boys who were moaning and bewailing the fact that they had to set foot outside the nice warm interior of the car.

Yes.  The entire building was wrapped in cardboard for renovation.  There is a lot that is worth seeing in this country - but at present, this building doesn't fall into that category...

On the plus side, however, I did also get to take this photo,which I thought worked for today's #SnapHappyBritMums theme of 'Winter'.

So it wasn't all bad...

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