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>> Wednesday, 20 April 2011

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Tara's prompt this week was - after last week's humdinger of 'Tomorrow' - billed by her as going to be easy. Tara, you fibbed; this week's prompt was 'My Blog'. How on earth to post a photograph that represents my blog? How on earth to show you in one or two pictures a representation of what my blog means to me?

Well, I couldn't do it. So I decided instead to focus on one aspect of what my blog means. Right now, the fact that I'm living in Russia experiencing things that I never thought I would, and being exposed to things that were so far from my previous central London reality, is a lot of what I write about. So I'm going to show you two things that I would not - as a matter of course - come across in South Kensington, and both of which were photographed here.

This first shot was taken last week and shows the latest in fashionable attire. Not for you and I, oh no. For dogs.

And the second is quite simply a beautiful photograph that I took on a walk through Izmailova last Autumn. I love the colours. And since this is My Blog, I feel at liberty to post whatever I want, just because...


Laura 20 April 2011 at 11:25  

Is that a real dog in the window display? Love the second photo, beautiful!

MsCaroline 20 April 2011 at 13:46  

Can't see that outfit on our Labrador...he would eat it. Love your 2nd photo. Have you always had such an eye for what makes a good photo, or have you honed your skills over the years?

mumsarcade 20 April 2011 at 14:50  

I like how you do the Gallery your way.
My try is over at

Potty Mummy 20 April 2011 at 16:19  

Laura, sadly, no - not a real dog!

MsC, but I did see a labrador in a rain suit the other day. If only I had thought to take a photo for you! (As for having an eye for a good photo, thankyou but it's more that I always work on the premise that if you take enough snaps, one of them is going to come up trumps. Thank god for digital camera's, eh?)

Mumsarcade, thankyou. I like your photos too!

Herding Cats 20 April 2011 at 16:26  

Beautiful picture and a great post!

The Alexander Residence 20 April 2011 at 17:39  

It's impossible to sum it all up isn't it, I like that you summed up your blog right now. They change as we change, I think this reflects that.
Love the contrast too, I went to Moscow in 1994, it's a fascinating country.

Mrs E 20 April 2011 at 19:06  

It is your blog so you can post whatever photo you want! That is the beauty of blogging! :)

tiddlyompompom 21 April 2011 at 20:39  

awesome dog outfit :)
I love the second one too, and am very glad you posted it :)

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