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>> Sunday, 18 July 2010

I am not a 'crafty' person. Oh, I might occasionally throw some paper and glitter around with the Boys admittedly, and whilst I was growing up my poor parents probably had more than their fair share of salt-dough decorations weighing down the branches of the Christmas tree. Oh, and there was that two-year sojourn in the land of the macrame artiste, when members of the family and various unfortunate friends were given strings of scratchy hemp fashioned into pot holders, wall hangings and yet more pot holders...

Nowadays, though, whilst I like the concept of craft for it's own sake, it's not something I generally get around to much. Which is why, when I come across a blog that touches on this subject I am held in thrall. How do they do it, these women who run up a dress in an evening, an ottoman cover in a day, and artfully distress a chest of drawers over a weekend?

She doesn't only write about this, but being crafty is something that I know holds no fear for this week's recommended Mummy Blogger. The Coffee Lady writes of herself:

'I am Trying New Things. I am turning off my cynicism and sarcasm and turning my face up like an amazed flower towards the wonder and joy of life. Well, I'll give it a go at least.'

She and Santa are like that. Hell, she even knows what to do with felt. And guess what? There's an ottoman in her bedroom that wasn't delivered looking like this by John Lewis...

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