Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday Witter

Is this mummy thing blogging thing taking off or something? I only ask because it's Carnival time again, this time over at Thames Valley Mums, and there are THIRTY posts for you read when the television is crap yet again this evening...

Take a look - you won't be sorry: http://www.thamesvalleymums.com/2009/03/3-march-best-of-the-mummy-bloggers.html#more

And obviously the question above was rhetorical. Clearly it's taking off; where else could you record the things you never imagined yourself saying or doing when you were young(er), thin(ner) and in paid employment? Though admittedly, even then, I did still find myself clearing up other people's sh#t more often than I would have liked. However, what I did not envisage was that in the future I would be making such statements as "Don't poo on Mickey. He will not be happy" and still be admitted to polite society.

By the way, Mickey didn't really care. Which was lucky, under the circumstances...


  1. Certainly is taking off and they make great reading. But PM, I do have to disagree with your comment about crap TV tonight - Mad Men is on!

  2. NVG - I consider myself told!

  3. It's definitely taking off. 'Being Human' was on last night though. I quite like that. Nappy Valley Girl what is Mad MEn?? I'll have to investigate.

  4. Potty, am I considered polite society?
    I have noticed your language getting worse...tut tut

  5. Jo, you know I don't know why, but on the strength of our one meeting yes, I would have put you down as a 'Being Human' fan...

    Frog, don't worry. I did not for one minute lump you in with 'polite society'. I would never be that rude!

  6. I can be polite, you know!
    And....and!!...you're now even using bad language on my blog!!


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