Saturday, 21 March 2009

Self righteousness never pays...

Husband (having just arrived back from a trip to Russia): "Have you seen my keys? I left in a rush on Tuesday morning and didn't have time to look for them..."

Me (mentally rolling my eyes): "No, I haven't."

Husband: "Well, can you just check in your bag? You were the last one to use them..."

Me (sure of my ground - I always put my keys in exactly the same place as I come back into the flat and have never lost a set): "What are you talking about? I always know where MY keys are. Why would I use yours?"

Husband: "Well, you did this time. Can you check? Please?"

Me (huffily putting my hand into my bag): "I don't know why I'm bothering. I'm not the one who lost the spare car key. I'm not the one who loses any keys. I'm... (oh, shxt)... the one who has to own up when she finds your keys in the side pocket of her handbag..."


Humble pie, anyone?


  1. You should've kept quiet, then deposited them somewhere in the flat to "discover" later. Not that I would do that, you understand...

  2. He put them there. You were framed.

  3. Famous last words ... as they say! Hope he saw the funny side!!

  4. At least you were honest and owned up to it, it's the best thing you can do. He was right, after all.

  5. I'm with Iota! And if it wasn't HIM, it must have been one of the boys ;-)

  6. Woopsy.

    Reminds me of a time when my dad went on a witch hunt to find the person who broke his sunglasses, the ones broken in his BACK pocket.

  7. Blame the poltergeist. The smae one who leave chocolate finger prints on the walls and magically stocks the cupboards with Green & Blacks....

  8. Mmm, humble pie, my absolute favourite. Hope it was chocolate flavour at least! X

  9. EPM, the thought did cross my mind. But Husband is smarter than me - he would be bound to find me out...

    Iota - see comment above. You're probably right.

    RS, he did. Thank heavens.

    Irene - for a change, yes he was. (!)

    Sharon, wish I could have blamed the boys - but I keep my bag out of their reach!

    SPD, your dad sounds very similar to mine...

    Mud, OK, I admit it, I stock the cupboards with G&B's. But I do NOT leave chocolate fingerprints on the walls. Why waste it on the walls, for goodness's sake?

    Dulwich, apple and cinammon, actually. Must be the Dutch thing.


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