Monday, 23 March 2009

Oh, go on then...

I can't do it. Every fibre of my very British personality is telling me 'Keep quiet. What on earth are you thinking of, considering a post about this? Are you absolutely crazy? People will think you're proud of yourself or something. And we can't have that! (Oh god, she's going to anyway. Clearly been spending far too much time with that Continental type she married...)'

But I can't keep quiet. I have to tell you that I came out number 11 in the recent survey of Top 100 British Parent Blogs and Bloggers'.


Of course, I'm a natural pessimist, so in reality this list is a double edged sword. It's not a one-off, you see. They're going to update it 'regularly'. What does that mean, 'regularly'? In my darker moments I see myself becoming a slave to The List. 'I went down a place. Why did I go down a place (or two, or three, or ten or fifty?) What went wrong? Why does no-one love me anymore?'

Still, that's all to come, and for now I'm at 11. And I'm thrilled. And for all you stiff upper lipped English types out there, sorry. This was a temporary aberration - I promise not to mention it again...


  1. Congratulations dear PM! And I'm not in the least bit surprised!

  2. That is no surprise - many congratulations,very well deserved. See, it was worth having children !

  3. Well done - but if you move up and down every day (as it were) don't get too hung up. Blogging is a fickle business.

  4. Aims and TR, thanks!

    EPM, you're so right. You've guessed about my google stats habit, haven't you...?

  5. yay!! well done. In the old days that was as good as top features writer or something...a shame there's not enough newspapers to go around for people like're better than a lot of the stuff that I read in online newspapers...keep it up...talent will always shine through!

  6. Congratulations, well deserved, your posts are most entertaining, and the writing effervescent.

  7. Well done and definitely deserved!

    So, how many times have you checked your stat counter today? Just kidding ;-)

  8. Hey, congrats! That's awesome! I, for one, think you totally deserve it. Of course, we Americans love to brag about stuff like this. do you need me to help you brag on my blog? *wink* *wink*

    Congrats again!

  9. Congratulations, PM, it is very well deserved. Why else would I keep reading you when I have no little children of my own? It must be because of the way you write and not just the subject matter. Imagine that! That means you can write about anything!

  10. Congratulations! It's so nice to see so many of the people I read at the top of the list. I was bowled over to be on there, too, but will probably be working on those stats to improve my position next time. Gah! Competition is so addictive.

  11. Congratulations! Justly deserved. I was thrilled to see my own fledgling blog on there too, and am already stressing about falling off the list...

  12. You totally deserveit Potty Mummy. Do as I do and never ever look at stats or comment numbers. It's a rocky road to madness.
    If you're feeling like this after appearing on the list, imagine how celebs are when they are flashing their knickers in Heat magazine!

  13. Well done PM! I hope you have your red carpet dress on and your acceptance speach prepared!

  14. Number 11!!! That's fab!!! Well done PM :o)

  15. I could have seen this coming PM; to check your blog is on my to-do list nearly every day...this must mean something! (my superior taste maybe?)

    Please don't stop writing...

  16. Screamish, thankyou!

    Mel, I take that as high praise coming from a published writer...

    Sharon, you and EPM know about my dirty habit then? And I thought it was a secret...

    Thanks Rubberbacon, for the comment and the visit!

    J's Mommy, well, you know me. always hiding my light under a bushel...(!)

    Irene, thankyou - and now all I need to do is wake my imagination up and find that 'anything' to write about!

    Tash, I know, isn't it? And there was me thinking I had left that behind in the office. Shows what I know.

    More Than, maybe we should set up a support group on British Blogging Mums...

    Tara, I don't want to - my knickers don't bear flashing... (note to self; visit M&S)

    Mud, I believe that doesn't happen unless you're in the Top 10...

    Thanks Iota!

    Thanks Rachel. How many days to go now?

    Martina, thanks for commenting and being so nice. And for having such superior taste of course...

  17. Well done Potty, a great feather in your cap!

  18. Congratulations, PM! Justly deserved. :-)


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