Sunday, 1 March 2009

Farewell, oh Pigly One...

In July 2007 I was at a bit of a loss. Boy #1 was happily ensconsed in nursery, Boy #2 was well into toddlerhood. And this whole full time mum thing was, well, beginning to pall a bit, if I'm honest. (In fact, in the interests of full disclosure, it always did and still does - from time to time). I was looking for something else. Something extra. Something that was just for me.

Then, one day, I was googling for nut and sesame-free recipes and tips on how to deal with Boy #1's allergies, and I clicked unsuspectingly on this:

Pig in the kitchen blogspot
'Food allergy, food intolerance and food sensitivity support and information.'

The site I found myself in was a revelation, and not just for the fact that nut-free (in fact, practically everything free) cooking could look and taste delicious. The Pig can write. I read of her life as an expat in Paris with four (yes, count 'em, four) children, chuckled over her trips down memory lane, and wondered where on earth she found the time to put it all down on paper.

But she had started something. "I could do this." I thought to myself. "Well, not this, perhaps. Not with food. And not as well. But I could do something like it... I could write stuff down..." And then, hesitantly, because even then something warned me that I might be getting in deeper than I had planned, I started to explore her blog roll, and a whole new world opened up.

I discovered that there were a plethora of people 'doing this', and it was fun. It was rewarding. People were nice to each other. They gave praise where it was due, feedback when requested. Not something that you take for granted when one child is refusing to eat what he hoovered up yesterday, and the other is trashing the playpen. I was bowled over - and I wanted a piece of the action.

So I started to blog.

But now, the Pig has called it a day. I can't blame her. Time and again I talk to bloggers who tell me that blogging plays a very important role in their lives, but only for a limited period. That everyone will reach a point when they realise that the fun has gone, their juice is all used up, and it's time to move on.

So Pig, this is just to say that whilst it's totally understandable that you're stopping, you'll be missed. And any time you feel the need to post but don't want to start up your blog again, come on over and guest post here. I would be honoured, and really I think you owe the blogosphere that much, don't you? It's entirely your fault that I've been here bleating about potty training for nigh on two years, after all...

And assuming she doesn't take her blog down completely, if you've not ever visited, pop on over and have a look at Pig's fabulous recipes (all of which have full fat alternatives to the hypo-allergenic ingredients detailed as well) and her hilarious reminisences, whilst salivating over the pretty pictures.


  1. OH no!
    Pig's stopping?
    That's terrible, she's so fab!
    I haven't been paying enough attention lately, all this 'life' stuff keeps getting in the way of my Blogging.
    I shall sulk all day!

  2. Potty Mummy, I also read Pig's blog in mid-2007 and started blogging around the same time you did. (I was Ingenious Rose at the time and remember you starting.) Then the fun went and I gave up, for a year in fact. But I returned, so hopefully Pig won't take her blog down and will change her mind one day.

  3. Wifeinthenorth started me off. Every now and then I think I should stop this stupid crap and then I feel another blog coming on.

  4. oh pottyM, you sweetheart you! I feel genuinely touched, and it's so galling that my blog kickstarted your blog and YOU blog so much! i am a novice in comparison.

    Bizarrely, now that I'm under no pressure to blog, I feel completely free to wander around waffling on everyone else's blog! i even baked a cake today which i haven't done for ages! So i won't be taking my blog down...and who the words of Arnie (on an indecisive day), 'Maybe one day, I'll be back...'
    thanks again for sweet words,

  5. You said it, Iota.

    Frog, well, 'balls' is all I can say...

    Rosie, I knew it! I thought that might be you! (Though it's not the sort of question you can ask in a comments box, is it?)

    R&C, hey, if it makes you feel better - and people read it - why stop?

    Pig, it was a pleasure. And please don't stop leaving rude comments (or even Bonnie Tyler-esque solo's) in my comment box. (ooh-er missus)

  6. Do you know what? I see this such a lot know, people having to step back because it just takes over your life and all your family see is the back of your head.
    And if any of my favs decide to step back there will be leg slapping . . . Just saying

  7. Oh I hope Pig leaves her blog there. I've stalked her a little and she's amazing.

  8. Well I went a bit bonkers and in a fit of paranoid madness I deleted my old blog. I felt that I'd said too much about certain things and began to panic. Also that I'd just run out of steam with that particular blog. (Definintely Stopping at Two) But I set up a new blog that very day! I just couldn't keep away. The lights are on, but I'm not home I might as well face it - I'm addicted to blog. I will check out Pig's recipes and yes, hopefully she'll come back to the fold one day when her creative juices are flowing again. (Sorry, that sounds dirty, but you know what I mean).

  9. Tara, anyone on your blogroll should consider themselves warned...

    Jo, absolutely right

    Cassandra, you're right, it's an addiction. But at least it's not fattening (like my other one...)


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