Happy New Year!

>> Wednesday, 2 January 2008

How is your 2008 going so far? Two days in, ours has got off to a slightly bumpy start...

Boy #2 (an infrequent visitor to this blog, though I think you may see more of him in the near future if Christmas behaviour is anything to judge by) has got Chicken Pox. It appeared yesterday, and after we ascertained with the glass test that it was not meningitis (we are nothing if not panicky parents), it rapidly became clear that the dreaded pox was upon us.

Now, it's actually rather hypocritical that I call it 'dreaded', as in this instance I put him in harm's way myself, rushing over to a friend's house before Christmas to take advantage of her daughter's illness, but now that he has it, I'm feeling rather guilty. Boy #1 had it at only a year old, and sailed through it relatively untouched and with only a few spots, but as is usually the case, his brother is doing it bigger and better. I remember when my sister caught it, aged 11. The poor thing looked like nothing so much as the Creature from the Black Lagoon, or some particularly nasty Dr Who character from the 1970's - I'm so hoping that Boy #2 is not similarly affected.

So, it's Piriton and calamine lotion all the way for us for the next few days. And just when he was about to start nursery - tomorrow - as well...Bye bye to-do list.

Which neatly leads me onto the fact that Husband and Boy #1 were waiting outside the nursery this morning at 8.15am. Which of course, since term starts tomorrow, was dark and empty as a gym between Christmas and New Year. Ooops!

And ah yes, the gym. I had an update session booked for today. The first day that the Boys were both back at nursery. Or not... Needless to say, I didn't think that my pox-ridden boy would be welcome in the creche, so that didn't happen either.

Plus, PLUS, I did a really silly thing when it came to Husband's christmas present from the Boys. Can you believe it? I bought him (or, to be completely honest, us) Season 6 of '24'. So of course now all our evenings are shot for the next week. Some people may be able to watch one episode an evening, but it seems we are incapable of any self-denial; last night not only did Husband and I work our way through the 2nd 4 hour session of Jack's exploits (I KNEW it was his Dad - apologies to those of you who didn't), but we polished off the remains of the Boy's christmas chocolate. This is of course why I so badly needed that update session at the gym today. Surely it's possible to work off all those calories in just one 10 minute jog, whilst desperately holding in your tummy so you don't scare off the instructor too much with a wobbling stomach still bearing that little post-c-section overhang? It's not? Blast.

And our phone packed up over the New Year. After my immediate guilty thought that it must be due to an unpaid bill (those student days are with me still), it turned out the handset was faulty and needed replacing. In a fit of organisation, after visiting the doctor to check that it really was chicken pox (it really was), the Boys and I whizzed in to the mothership when it opened at 9.30am (aka Peter Jones - if it doesn't stock it then I don't need it).

After a somewhat tense mobile conversation with Husband about brands and it being on my head if the purchase didn't meet his exacting design requirements (i.e 'if it looks ugly it's your fault'), we bought the ugliest phone I could find and went upstairs to the 6th floor cafe. Here, Boy #1 entertained the troops with his favourite song ('do the right thing, do the right thing, do the right thing') sung repeatedly at the top of his voice, and Boy #2 decorated the window with pieces of flapjack. We then topped off our successful trip with visit to the hat department. It's supposed to snow later today (readers in the US, this is an EVENT in London) and I realised that I had nothing to protect my head from the elements. So I took my trusted advisors with me (children can be so astute in matters of fashion), and Boy #1 and I tried on hats for a hilarious 15 minutes. Hilarious, because I have the biggest head in the world, so buying hats is always a treat - which is why I didn't have one already. Then I realised that the cheap looking faux fur dustbin look-a-like my older son was prancing around in actually cost £100. We swiftly put it back, I bought a somewhat cheaper version, and we left the store quietly and quickly.

So here I am. And it still hasn't snowed.


Iota 2 January 2008 at 14:56  

Well, at least you always have the mothership to see you right. I have recently discovered J C Penney, which, though nothing like the trusty old John Lewis brand, is at least a few steps nearer than Wal-mart.

A friend of a friend (I think it might be an urban myth) got a bit out of it at a party, went home with a man, woke up in the morning, he'd gone to work, she couldn't remember who he was, how she'd got there, what had happened. She drew the curtains, and in the distance could see the Peter Jones sign. "Phew that's ok then" she thought, heaving a sigh of relief. Not only did she know where she was geographically, but she also knew that he must have been a decent fella - being able to see PJ from his bedroom window. It's a sort of K & C comfort blanket, isn't it? Magnetic north for the K&C compass.

Sorry about the pox, by the way, but you did the right thing exposing him to it. Much best to get it over young. Here, of course, they innoculate against it - compulsory or your child can't go to school. So much for the land of the free...

Happy New Year, and can I borrow those 24 dvds?

Potty Mummy 2 January 2008 at 16:43  

Hi there Iota, and yes of course you can borrow the dvd's - but not until, oh, tomorrow, when we've worked our way through the remaining 16 hours... (I am kidding - but only because Husband has to go to work tomorrow). In reality, it will probably be sometime on Sunday. And of course, it's not actually 16 hours remaining, due to the fact that approximately 23 minutes (not that I've timed it or anything) of every hour is taken up by what would be ad breaks if you watched it on tv. How do you stand that? I mean, it's bad over here, but you do normally get 15 minutes of uninterrupted viewing before the next ad for Pizza Hut or similar...

Not ranting or anything.

Must get back to anointing spots with calamine lotion, and coming up with foolproof way to get Boy #2to swallow the piriton rather than spitting it all over himself, the sofa, me, and anything else within a 2 metre radius.

But yes, it is better for him to have it now. I keep telling myself that...

Jenn in Holland 2 January 2008 at 17:30  

But dangit, you have a hat and you are prepared! What else matters really?
Wishing you a happy new year and a happy set of 24 hours watching 24 and a survival of the pox.
I tried several times to get my kids to catch them and was never successful. Just before we moved here, I had them immunized.
So far that has worked. I can't imagine the pain of having teenagers with itchy bits...

aims 2 January 2008 at 17:51  

I could tell you how 24 turns out for that season - but I won't be that mean...but oh the temptation.

I hate to keep repeating myself adnauseum...but you do have all the fun!

Tattie Weasle 2 January 2008 at 19:02  

Waiting for the snow here in Suffolk as well - 4- 5 cms WOW!!! Land Rover all ready, rope, blankets, spade, Harry Potter and Narnia Tapes, huge packet of Minstrels.....and the car kettle. Well, it IS 15 miles to school...!!!!!!
Happy New Year to all and that includes all the spots - hope he sails through - can be horrid....keep watching 24!

Potty Mummy 2 January 2008 at 21:19  

Jen - I was that teenager. And I'm glad that as a mum, I never have to go through having my boys catch it in their teens. I've said it before but my mother is saint. Still no snow. But I do have a kick-ass hat...

Aims, you know what? Just tell me... I'm a fan, but it won't ruin my life. And it will be so much fun to watch Husband following all those red herrings they throw in just for the hell of it. And as for me having all the fun - keep saying it and sooner or later I'll start to believe it!

Tattie, 4 - 5 cm? Now you're just showing off. We can expect a light dusting at most, given the outcome of previous blizzard predictions. But at least I know where to come if I need a chocolate fix!

elizabethm 2 January 2008 at 23:02  

What a great blog! Found you via Tattie. My kids are grown now but the mixture of delight and oppression associated with small children knocks me out still and came screaming off the page. Hold on to your enormous hat for the snow.

Mya 2 January 2008 at 23:19  

Happy New Year Potty!
Hope the little un suffers a mild bout of the dreaded c. pox.
Is it snowing yet?

Mya x

Frog in the Field 3 January 2008 at 07:47  

Dear Potty,
how marvellous your shopping tri[ sounds, you perfectly describe everything.
Piriton is bloody sticky isn't it?
Mine have had chicken Pox a number of times for some bizarre reason.
We'd like a picture of the kickass hat please. I need a hat as my head is freezing after having all my hair cut off, don't have shops here, I will endeavour to go to a John Lewis soon.

Potty Mummy 3 January 2008 at 10:22  

Elizabeth, thanks for the visit and the kind words. The enormous hat still has it's label on as a) there has been no snow yet and b) I'm just not sure about it... The mothership may yet call it home if no snow appears. And of course, I will then regret taking it back when I do need it. Plus ca change...

Mya, no. No snow. And I bet you're surrounded by picturesque whiteness in those mountains, aren't you. Glad to hear you survived the Blightly experience - must get back to my personal grooming now (as if).

Frog, 'chicken pox a number of times'? You realise you've just smashed my inner calm into smithereens. Perhaps I will keep the hat to hid my enormous head under (rather like an ostrich in the sand) and pretend you never wrote that... Enjoy John Lewis, and steer clear of the £100 bucket looky-likeys...

Frog in the Field 3 January 2008 at 10:33  

What's a £100 looky likey?
I'm sorry, forget I said anything about Chicken Pox, I made the whole thing up (erm!), I'm sure it's just a girl thing anyway, boys won't get it again, no, no, you'll be fine.
Am I forgiven now?
My baby girl was thirteen yesterday..13!! Don't blink, it'll happen to you too, I'm in a state of shock today.
Are you opening that bottle then or what?

Elsie Button 3 January 2008 at 15:02  

i know, where's the bloody snow?! happy 2008! here's to getting rid of the chicken pox, getting down to the gym, and wearing your new big hat!

Potty Mummy 3 January 2008 at 17:13  

Frog, of course you're forgiven. Now that I think of it, you're not the first to warn me of this alarming possibility - clearly I was expert at hiding my hand in the sand well before I purchased the hat...
As for the £100 bucket lookey-likey, think flowerpot shape, but made of faux fur, with a swanky label inside. That you wear on your head. Unless, of course, it is too small for your enormous bonce... And now, yes, I am going to open that bottle. Red, or white?

Elsie, happy 08 to you too! You put it so much more succinctly than me, but yes, here's to all those things. Now, where's that chocolate? To go with the wine, you understand.

Still NO SNOW! (Good thing I didn't do anything stupid like get Boy #1 excited about it, or anything...)

The Rotten Correspondent 3 January 2008 at 17:50  

24 is the biggest time killer around. And it's almost impossible to stop watching. About five minutes before each episode ends I say "that's it. I'm going to bed AS SOON as this is over" and then it ends and I say "Oh, all right. Just one more hour."

Sigh. I've done it for every season. Even the ones I've seen on TV already. Why IS that??

Potty Mummy 3 January 2008 at 18:34  

RC, you just described our last 3 evenings perfectly. But I have to admit, I flaked out and slept through much of the last episode. Still, that's what husbands are for, right? To tell you what you missed (whilst tutting irritatedly that you had the nerve to sleep through any of St Jack's trials and tribulations...).

Frog in the Field 4 January 2008 at 09:54  

Woah! RC and Potty Mummy, not so fast with the bragging about your swish lives, MY husband was reading Classic Tractor Magazine in bed last night, hah! beat that! We're REALLY swish, you know!

ANd Potty, have you had one already?? Oh for goodness sake, look, it's a screw top, give it to me!
Why are you putting your hand in the sand anyway, I thought we were discussing hats??
ps, If said head is so enormous, would you like me to send a nice fluffy sheep to wear? We don't have such things any more, but I know a man that can.

Jenn in Holland 4 January 2008 at 11:37  

There is a little something for you at my place today...

Potty Mummy 4 January 2008 at 12:16  

Frog, you did it, you won. There is NO WAY I can possibly compete with Classic Tractor Magazine - unless it's to tell that last night Husband and I were not alone. No, we were joined by poxy, spotty, itchy, cross and very tired 2 year old. Beat that for glamour.

And I meant to say Head, not Hand. Jeez, can't a blogger make a mistake around here? Clearly I was already too far stuck into the bottle at the time I typed that comment to notice the mistake. The Hat is still stuck in the cupboard, by the way, because there is still...


I feel the mothership calling...

Jenn, as I said at your blog, thanks so much. My first award. I feel a post coming on... (in between the calamine, piriton and calpol runs, that is. It may be some time off, actually...)

Kaycie 4 January 2008 at 16:14  

I love 24. I was never a huge Kiefer Sutherland fan, but damn, Jack Bauer is hot. I watch it on tv every year, then go buy the dvd set and watch it again, just like you're doing, in marathon sessions. I think it's probably a recognized mental illness by now.

I love your description of shopping with your children. I remember those days. So now, I try to sneak out alone!

Potty Mummy 4 January 2008 at 17:23  

Kaycie, you're so right. I wonder if our men realise that's why we're so happy to watch it? As for sneaking out alone... aaah, happy days. At least that's something to look forward to when the boys don't want to know their untrendy mum.

Anonymous,  4 January 2008 at 18:25  

Phenergen. Have you tried that on spotty children? Maybe it's the same as Piriton. All I know is, it saved my life once... or perhaps it was my son's life that was at risk.

Anonymous,  4 January 2008 at 18:26  

Happy New Year, by the way.

Potty Mummy 4 January 2008 at 19:58  

Hi GPM, I haven't heard of it but I'll be out at the chemist buying it first thing tomorrow - or if last night was anything to go by, sometime around 3am this morning. (We're lucky enough to have a 24hr pharmacy just down the road).

In any case, thanks for the tip and Happy New Year to you too!

Expatmum 14 January 2008 at 04:09  

When they get to nursery school they are so knackered afterwards that all they want to do is lounge around. My little one only goes in the mornings, and I have made a "mommy/mummy date" out to be really special - when in fact it's only the two of us snuggling up and reading or watching a few TV things. Most often, I end up falling asleep to Bob The Builder, but the 4 year old doesn't even notice!

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