Help wanted for sufferers of Childhood Cancers

>> Saturday, 7 January 2012

Just over a year ago, a good friend of mine received the shocking news that her daughter has cancer.

After a year of treatment, things are going as well as could be expected, and today, she sent out the email below:

Hi, you are being sent this email because you have very kindly shown your concern for A's condition. So far the chemo seems to be working for her and she is doing well. There is however still a while to go.

Many of you have been kind enough to ask if there's anything at all you can do to help? (thank u ;-). And yes - there is!

While the drugs seem to be working for A, this is not true for others we know. Two young kids we know have died ( - one buried today & sadly, there will probably be more). I can only imagine what their parents are going through.

If that's not hard enough to swallow, imagine if it was YOUR child who had this life threatening disease & you knew there was a potential cure to save your child, only it's not available in the UK (and this is the case for some cancers). Also, the money spent on finding a cure for childhood cancers is miniscule compared with that invested on most other cancers.

So how you can help? We have started a petition that demands that ALL kids with cancer in UK should get vital treatment & be given the chance to live. We need to get 100,000 signatures supporting our appeal before we can present it to the government:

I am not asking for your money, just your voice to show you care. It takes one minute to sign, I promise.

And if you're still reading this - thanks! And I'll get off my soap box now.
Go to this link to add your signature;
Thanks for your support

I don't want to be mawkish but if tugging at your heart strings is what it takes to get you to click through, I will. At the start of this new year, take a look around you at you own children, thank your own good fortune that you haven't had to write the email above, and please, click on the link.



spudballoo 7 January 2012 at 19:45  

Done. What a tough time for your friends, and the many others in their shoes. xxx

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