Monday, 12 October 2009

Dear So & So...

Dear Web Design Company,

I know it's a cold hard economy out there, and that we are in the land of Credit Crunch Crisis. I know too that being clue'd in to this online world as you are, you must see lots of opportunity for free advertising, and I accept that it must be very hard to hold back from utilising that.

But really. Did you actually think that leaving a facile comment, completely unrelated to the post I had written, and referring only to how easy it had been to potty-train your own children and how you couldn't understand what all the fuss was about, would endear you to me? And did you imagine that putting a link to your web design company at the bottom of the comment might pass unnoticed?

Or was it simply that you thought it was OK to do this and that being a soft-hearted easily-exploitable mummy type, I wouldn't mind?

No? Oh, I get it. This was in fact a subliminal message you were trying to send in my direction saying 'Come and visit meeeeee.... I see that your blog design could do with some titivating.... I will do it for freeeeeee.....'. Ah. Not in the habit of giving away freebies?

Neither am I.

Yours sincerely,

Potty Mummy.

PS - Yes, I did delete your comment. Yes, I am a control freak. No, I'm not sorry.


  1. Ah, yes. Never really thought about it like that. I got a couple of comments like that on my posts about lice, from people wanting to sell louse remedies. Never thought other people might click through. May go delete them anyway then.

  2. No way! Someone did that? Cheap and lazy (them, not you!)

  3. Hi PM,
    Good for you for standing up for yourself.
    My Pops used to say that nothing in this life is free.
    Look forward to reading more.
    jo (this is my new blog)

  4. Go girl!

    I recently received a comment / request to review Tena Lady pads.

    Yup I am that old, obviously.

  5. Think someone (probably B'stard company) has told all the freebie-offerers or similar that my bite is even worse than my bark, so they have not dared post such comments (yet) on my site.

    Well done you!

    LCM x

  6. Thanks Brit.

    Mwa, it's up to you. I think it was the ridiculous comment that really got my goat here, if I'm honest...

    DG, thankyou.

    Tara, oh yes, they did. It will be interesting to see if I hear any more - somehow I doubt it.

    Hi Jo, that's true - of blogs, anyway!

    S&EM, lovely that one, wasn't it?

    Thanks LCM!

  7. Not really the best new business strategy was it?

    By the way, I've only just noticed (although you've probably had it for ages and I'm very unobservant) your lovely new potty design.....very good.

  8. Oooh I would have liked to see the comment!
    Good on you for telling these time wasters how it is!

  9. but potty mummeee! do come and visit my lovelylovely blog for all the misery and pain it may engender and, for you it is all for free!

    xxlove, cheap and lazy tart.

  10. OK peeps, next time any of us get crap like that we should put the word out and send millions of e-mails to them!!!

  11. The site I write for gets tonnes of these. Mostly they're trying to boost their SEO rather than advertise. We delete the comments and email an ad sheet to the company. Good on you PM for telling them what's what.

  12. Well said PM, these are a bloody bug bears, especially the emails pretending to have read your blog and then expecting a link. WE ARE NOT FREE ADVERTISING. Ah feel much better. Cheers.

  13. NVG, thanks! I have had it a while, yes, but haven't really commented on it because the look of the blog is currently being updated (by a friend rather than a web design agency, funnily enough!). So you haven't really missed it, no...

    CB, I am of course kidding myself by pretending that they will ever bother to come back again!

    Oh Grit, you're cheap and lazy (your words not mine btw), but I love it! (Go on, talk dirty about Ed Balls again...)

    EPM, good plan although would naming and shaming be playing into their dastardly plans?

    Nina, thanks. (I think?)

    Kat, I did think of that but as I don't have an ad sheet... (Note to self; make up ad sheet).

  14. MH, any time. Now get back to skimming those hairs off the top of that there jacuzzi...

  15. It was genuine, it made me laugh, and god I needed to :o)

  16. Good one... I'm continually amazed at the things that come our way...

  17. Nina - thanks for the clarification!

    Sparx, have you thought of asking them to tell it the hand? Although of course I'm assuming you would use your hand's stage name...?


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