Goodbye, sweet poison...

>> Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sometimes, I catch glimpses of you across a crowded room, always looking cool, sleek, and refreshing.  For over half of my life you were an integral part of my routine; I couldn't imagine twenty four hours passing without your featuring in it at some point.

Sure, there were days that I had to make do without you, but it was never by choice.  Sometimes, other people who didn't understand how important you were to me just didn't want you around, so I was forced to do without you.  I couldn't bring you everywhere with me; that would have been rude and crazy, so from time to time I was forced to replace you with others.  I knew though that they were just pale imitations; they never lived up to what we had together.  They never quite delivered the same hit that you did, that same rush.

I'm a clean-living girl.  I don't drink (much) (anymore) (only at weekends), never smoked, was never interested in drugs. I eat healthy food, and not to excess.  Sure, I could exercise more, but other than that I'm boringly 'good'.  So it always came as something of a surprise to others when I confessed that I couldn't do without you.  I used to laugh it off;  "I'm allowed to have some kind of pick-me-up, surely?" but the fact that you were such a habit used to bother me, I admit.  Not enough to do anything about it, not really, but the concern was still there at the back of my mind.

My relationship with you was toxic.  Just a little bit, mind.  But still toxic.

And then recently I caught the flu, and suddenly you didn't seem so appealing. In fact, I found even the thought of you uncomfortable.  The next time our paths crossed I stood looking at you, temptingly decked out in red and silver, and I realised; I didn't need you now.  Why not try life without you for a while? I didn't imagine I would manage it for long; in similar situations in the past the craving has always crept back in the end; a few days or a couple of weeks were the longest I could do without you.

But it's been 10 weeks since I last reached in your direction.

So whilst we had good times for over 20 years, now? I really think I might be over you.

Goodbye, Diet Coke.


tattie weasle,  3 March 2015 at 14:00  

Saying good bye to the end of something is always tinged with wistfullness - be strong and Good Luck!

Iota Manhattan 3 March 2015 at 20:41  

I thought, for a few awful minutes, that you were talking to chocolate. I should have known better. (It was when I got to the "red and silver" that I knew I was wrong. It would have been "green and black" for chocolate, wouldn't it?)

pottymummy,  4 March 2015 at 10:10  

Thanks Tattie. And Iota, give up chocolate? Have you met me???? ;)

Nappyvalleygirl,  6 March 2015 at 13:02  

yes I thought you were talking about chocolate too.
Funnily enough I've never liked Diet Coke. But there's clearly something about it. My sister in law drinks Diet Pepsi all the time. But not coffee, interestingly.

Muddling Along 9 March 2015 at 15:00  

Hold strong - I went cold turkey off chocolate and found myself in a strange world of being able to take it or leave it afterwards

pottymummy,  9 March 2015 at 19:10  

NVG, I don't drink coffee either (or much tea, come to that). It's one of the reasons I was able to justify my DC intake to myself for so long: 'It's the only caffeine I get'. Strangely, now that it's not part of my diet, I seem not to need the caffeine so much. Although there is always the caffeine in dark chocolate, I suppose!
And MA, I think I may have reached that stage already - except, I'm not prepared to try it, and see - just in case I can't (leave it, that is...)

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