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>> Thursday, 31 May 2012

Do you have blog? If you don't have a blog, do you tweet?  Even if you do neither of these things, tomorrow is a chance for you to get involved in a collective protest about recent events in Syria.

Tomorrow (Friday 1st June) I - and many other bloggers - will be blogging and tweeting about Syria.  In my case, it will be specifically about what happened in Houla last Friday.  We will also be linking to and retweeting other people's posts and tweets, in an effort to raise awareness of the situation there and in the hope that in some small way we can add to the impetus to stop the killing.

We don't have the answer.  And yes, our contribution will be only words.  But if we don't try using words, then the alternatives - as featured in yesterday's Times - are just too horrific to contemplate.

Please join us.

Check here for more details.


Anonymous,  8 June 2012 at 07:29  

nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

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