Monday, 15 August 2011

Star Wars 3, Potski-style...

Boys #1 and #2 watched Star Wars 3 this afternoon. This was not their first viewing of the movie, but since we've been on the move and away from their dvd collection for the last 7 weeks, it was the first time they've seen it in a couple of months. As a result, the magic (or should I say, The Force) was strong with them after they had watched the galaxy's cutest babies being delivered to their foster parents at the end of the film, so I was not suprised to come across them shortly afterwards acting out their own version of not one but a number of scenes, all squashed into a 'best of' composite action sequence.

Boy #1 was the Hero, Boy #2 the Baddie. I'm not sure which Hero, or which Baddie - it's best not ask in these circumstances as you are then at risk of being set complicated Star Wars questions worthy of University Challenge - but Boy #1 was writhing on the floor as Boy #2 electrocuted him with his Evil Power. Cue the following conversation:

Boy #2 "And now, and now I 'lectrotute you. AHAHAHAHAHAAHA!"

Boy #1 : "And then, and then, I fight back. 'I have the high ground. Don't do it!'"

Boy #2: "And then I jump over your head!"

Boy #1: "But I slash at you with my light sabre and, and your cloak catches fire. But don't forget, when that happens you have to stop."

Boy #2: "Why?"

Boy #1: "Because when you catch fire, you have to stop, drop, and roll..."

Boy #2 commences stopping, dropping, and rolling.

Now, if only Anakin had known to stop, drop and roll in the event of his clothes catching fire, we might have been spared the Darth Vader years. You've got to love a modern primary school education...

I've been shortlisted for an award, by the way. The very kind judges at Gurgle have included The Potty Diaries as one of the 5 possibilities for 'Best Funny Mummy Blog'. If you have the chance and the inclination, click here and I'm not too cool to say that every vote for me would be appreciated....


  1. I love listening to those kinds of conversations - in fact, there's one going on right now involving Angry Birds, superheroes and bizarrely, a plastic Halloween pumpkin.

    Congratulations on the nomination - will go over and vote now!

  2. Same, just listening to one (at waaaay past bedtime, btw) about lego. And poo, obviously. Just voted, well done you.

  3. Ha ha! The boys started this type of role play, I love sneaking a ear in and listen to them, I even started filming them secretly, this will be worth so much when they grow older (maybe even in money!)

    Congrats on your nomination, I am heading there and voting! x


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