Friday, 19 August 2011

Boy #2 offers a spoonful of sugar

It's fascinating to hear children's interpretations of objects we adults take for granted. Boy #2 illustrated that to me yesterday when he cheekily waved a spoon at me and offered it for use as 'half a boobie-putter'.

A 'boobie-putter'?

Perhaps you have to be a mother of boys to work out that he meant a bra.

Which is all well and good, and since I don't want to instill a sense of shame in talking about body parts in my sons (at home, at least - we've already had the conversation about what is and isn't appropriate on school premises), I thought it was funny.

What I didn't find so funny, however? The spoon he was offering me was teaspoon.


  1. Would you have liked a serving spoon better?

  2. Sounds like a golfing term.

    You're posting too much about your body parts, Potski. I'm worried about you.

  3. Nora, well, a dessert spoon, at least...

    Iota, you know as soon as I put it down in writing that's what I thought too - a golfing term. As for posting about body parts, it's been a long summer.

  4. You just know with boys this age, it's going to be a boob comment rather than a golf comment. Sigh.

  5. I thought 'golf' when I read it, too. Darned English language and its inconsistent pronunciation.

    How many days did you say it was until school starts?


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